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Well, as original as idol music can get. Not legendary like some of the older ones, but decent in their own right.

The generic-ness of the new releases would never pass off as a stage song. These songs have almost changed my life! We all know it, even if some of us are more okay with it than others.

It's odd, because I agree totally with some of your favourites pioneer, beginner, oogoe diamond but then you actually list some of my least favourites as well! They're all really cool songs too!

Do you have any other favorites besides Pioneer, Beginner, and Oogoe Diamond? Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara. Is it sheer laziness that they're at the top of the idol industry so there's no point in putting effort into their music?

It's mostly A-sides and B-sides, although I do have one stage song on there. It's a pity stages are nowhere near as interesting as they used to be.

So, boring members and boring music, they are not going to disappear but to start to fade. Very powerful lyrics and the music video goes perfectly with it. And none of the new members have the same foothold as the older, more established members. Still, that doesn't take away the fact that their current music is completely boring. That only makes the song ten times more interesting!

List of songs recorded by AKB48

But when I read on your post that it wasn't the real version, I watched the real video and totally fell in love with it. First of all happy new year!

List of songs recorded by AKB48

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What are you favorites that aren't on the list? The lyrics, the rythm, the mv makes me played the mv almost everyday. If you get the chance, listen to some of the other songs! And that's a really good idea.

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They'll never release the old songs now as single releases. Some that aren't on the list?

List of songs recorded by AKB48

Newer Post Older Post Home. Perhaps since - it's all gone downhill pretty quick since then.

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These songs simply didn't sell. Acchan was still in the group, their songs were selling millions, and the music was actually decent! So in short, no, winter screensavers they don't release stage songs on singles anymore.

Yeah, Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou is an incredible song. They've come a long way all right. In fact, they have some really good songs.

There's too many new single releases to worry about to put time into a stage. There was a time when they dared to sing about taboo topics, release edgy music videos, and simply push the concept of being an idol as in as many directions as possible. Sold an absolute truckload, mainly driven by strong handshake sales.

Not as good as Everyday Kachuusha in my opinion, but still an all right song. Nonetheless, these twenty songs are my personal favorites to listen to, the ones that I never grow tired of. Certainly it has nothing to do with it being a stage song that it got a request. Awfully, some of the unique character members are being replaced with boring members. Yeeaahhh the Youtube version gives off a terrible impression of Beginner.

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