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How will Ben defeat the corrupted versions of the three aliens he can no longer use? Ben tries to do the perfect cannonball using Cannonbolt! And can Ben save the day one more time?

Ben tries to stop the clown Zombozo from robbing a stadium. Ben and Gwen are turned into babies by an insane nanny who wants to turn the world into a day care, driven to the brink at having been ridiculed by her peers. This marks Gwen's second attempt at using magic. Ben must stop them from multiplying out of control and destroying the town, and turns into Heatblast to seal the Megawatts in a large fishbowl.

The theme song for the show was written by Andy Sturmer and sung by Moxy. However the opposing team is not real.

Animo revives Vilgax and plots to open the Null Void chamber. Ben gets a rare Sumo Slammer card in the historical village Oldeville, but Billy Billions wants that card, too, so he steals and controls the Rustbucket until Ben gives it back. Steel of the government's Special Alien Capture Team.

Diamondhead tries dancing, and breaks a window. Ben prevents a powerful sorcerer named Hex from stealing the Arkamada Book of Spells.

Ben's Omnitrix starts acting weird after a dismantling spell mixes with it. Ben goes to a camp which has been taken over by alien plants. Xylene reveals that she came to find the Omnitrix since she lost it when Vilgax attacked her ship. When Ben unwittingly puts out the campfire needed to roast marshmallows, Ben must start the fire again without using the Omnitrix. However, the group discover that the werewolf is an alien.

After the Tennysons save the President and leave, Enoch appears, revealing the plan to be his own. Can Ben use this new weapon and defeat the mechadroid, or will he be doomed along with everyone else?

Stinkfly plays a prank on Gwen and Max. Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. In a fit of stubbornness, the Omnitrix transforms Ben into Grey Matter and leaves him stuck in that form for longer than normal. When a television show called Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures shows up, Ben gets angry and demands credit since it stars corny cartoon versions of Fourarms, Heatblast, and Wildmutt. When he reaches to touch it, the watch jumps onto his wrist and refuses to come off.

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Gwen offers Ben to go Upgrade and change it but Ben breaks the radio. To get out, they must find the Upgrade coin before an evil being uses it to escape into the real world. The Tennysons visit Fort Knox, but Ben ends up fighting a monster. Regular Capital Press release.

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As Gwen tries to get Ben out, lightning hits the van and zaps them both into the game. When asked to act like an alien, Ben naturally turns to the Omnitrix and almost changes in front of the audience. However, the first swap in that episode was accidental, while in this version, Charmcaster intentionally swapped physical forms with Gwen while their belongings remained the same.

With his wounds finally healed, Vilgax decides to personally retrieve the Omnitrix. They realize that all of the aliens in the Omnitrix are unavailable and they have to collect tokens in order to activate certain ones. Wildvine fights the creature, but it bites Wildvine's root just before Ben returns to normal. Cannonbolt gets stuck in the sand trying to do a stunt at the beach.

Wildmutt is unable to see or smell, Four Arms smells horrible, and Heatblast's fire powers change to cryokinetic powers, which Ben uses to defeat Clancy. While visiting a mega-mall, Ben and Gwen watch a hypnotist perform. When Ben's snack doesn't come out of it, he turned into Grey Matter and goes inside, but he turns back and gets stuck, and Gwen takes his snack. Rather than extremely good luck, the Keystone greatly strengthens all of Gwen's natural abilities to superhuman levels tenfold and granting her superhuman agility, enhanced reflexes, and durability.

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This marks Gwen's very first attempt at magic. When Eddie, Ben, and Gwen enter the Undersea Manta Ray, a giant submarine, they encounter strange aliens that threaten to destroy the whole resort. This will be the th episode of the series overall. Will the group find the source before the new alien finds it or will the entire world crumble to the power of the new alien? But their adventure is almost spoiled by racers LaGrange and Vin Ethanol, who want to try a daredevil jump over the wall.

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Marchisello and Man of Action. Ben and Gwen's backseat bickering escalates into an all out battle between Ben's Omnitrix and Gwen's magic.

With the weather being too dangerous, the bands can't play and the show can't go on. Both sides are fighting for the most powerful energy source in the universe! Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix and vows Ben's body! In order to stop it, Ben, Gwen, and Tetrax travel across space to track down the Omnitrix's creator.

The two fight and Ben chases Kevin off, but Kevin has absorbed some of the Omnitrix's energy. Animo escapes from prison and, during a battle with Ben, finds the broken piece of the Omnitrix. At the Space Center, Ben comes under attack by the werewolf and mummy aliens, and new Frankenstein alien.

Deciding he can be a real-life superhero, Ben begins a summer full of extraterrestrial adventures for himself, Max and Gwen. Gwen volunteers Ben as a test subject, and the host, Sublimino, successfully hypnotizes him. Ben visits Sparksville, a town full of cheesy exhibits, michael newton life between lives and unintentionally lets loose an alien with a dangerous sense of humor. Do you want the Original Series back with new episodes?