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And, most importantly, they don't hurt the babes. We've been through this before. Mustard did it in the study with the candlestick. Only the winners can go back and set things up.

While the teaming of two less-than-brilliant comic figures was hardly a breakthrough in mainstream comedy, the cheerful and very funny performances by Alex Winter as Bill S. Meet today's most non-bogus guest speakers. Bogus Journey is a rare example of a sequel that outperforms its predecessor.

So you have something else to celebrate tonight. But the point is, we died. We're rocking at the Battle of the Bands.

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Unfortunately for them, they're also dead. You're losers and we don't want to see you again.

Bogus Journey has a more tightly constructed script, nearly all the jokes work, and the bizarre humor is pushed to near hallucinatory limits - always a plus. Feel free to split in two parts again and relax. Can we have some heat back here? Yeah, our girlfriends are most chaste. And there's not a lot of time.

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We got into the Battle of the Bands. You know, you got a bad rap, but you're actually an okay dude!

But, Bill, how will we fight those other usses? He's wry and clever, a comic foil as engaging as Bill or Ted.

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Guys, do yourself a favor. Everybody, say hello to Station's creation! Catch you later, Bill and Ted! Tell my body to get over here and get me!

After we're married, will the girls stay with us? You see, we used to be puss-weeds, but now we're metal. You ugly, red source of all evil! Winter and Reeves reprise the roles that made them famous and both seem to be having the ride of their lives. Maybe we should try one of these doors.

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Catch you later, future wife. And reaping burns a lot of calories. Ted, we can't go like this. You stole Deacon's Easter basket.

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Part three never materialized, perhaps Americans had just had enough of the antics of the heirs to Jeff Spicoli's throne or maybe Keanu got too pricey. You got a lot to learn about sportsmanship. Only there's one thing you didn't think of. And I must see to it that you die. They're back from the dead.

We get to kill them again. Ready to take on those evil usses and save the babes? Together, we are Wyld Stallyns! We're going to the desert to be alone. Looks like this is the place.

Hard to imagine the world without them, isn't it? Must be some kind of future guy.

But we won the chance to come back. You have to arrest these robots so they don't ruin everything for us. Catch you later, evil dude. Elizabeth and I have decided we're quitting Wyld Stallyns.

We gotta get back to the babes. Ted, who do you think it is, dude? This is no time to be playing games!

We've been all around the afterlife. Except for the two-week medieval honeymoon. That other you's a real jerk.

You petty, base, bully, bullock, bugger billies. The plot is awash in weird humor and outlandish gags as Bill and Ted attempt to defeat two evil robotic versions of themselves, avoid death, save history, blind dating definitions and otherwise remain cool.

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They've reached the second crucial turning point in their destiny. We can be ready for them too. Now, what is your mission?

Is it a play or a song or? What is the meaning of life?