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Nokia C User Manual pages. Realplayer The files may use large amounts of memory and prevent you from storing other files. To play an item, select the item from the list. To stop automatic redialling, press the end key.

The available options may vary. Use The Compass Maps Use the compass When the compass is activated, both the arrow of the compass and the map rotate automatically in the direction to which the top of your device is pointing. For more information, contact a Nokia Care Point or your device dealer. Line up the battery contacts, and insert the battery.

Tap the location's information area To add another route point, select Add to route. It may have the link there. The in-call screen Using the hardware screen-lock switch you can not only unlock the phone but also silence it. Empty the cache Emptying the cache memory helps you keep your data secure.

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You have messages waiting to be sent in the Outbox folder. Devices that are within range are displayed. List recently played files In the main view, select Recently played. Define your visibility in searches Select My account Visibility in search.

You receive a user name and password needed to set up your device with the account. The dialing pad Voice dialing is an option with the Nokia C as with almost any other phone.

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To delete a number, select. The only real downside is the still missing smart dialing functionality. If you accept the query, the device is added to the list of blocked devices.

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If there is no network coverage, the device periodically tries to open a packet data connection. Did this solve your problem? Camera Your device supports an image capture resolution of x pixels.

When active in the background, some widgets may update information automatically in your device. Editing a contact offers a variety of preset fields and you can replicate each of them as many times as you like. Gallery Gallery Available recording time. Radio Music folder An episode is a particular media file of a podcast. The guiding line helps you write in a straight line, and it also helps the device recognise your writing.

Nokia have a pretty convenient solution for searching the contact list Editing a contact offers a variety of preset fields and you can replicate each of them as many times as you like. Voice dialing is an option with the Nokia C as with almost any other phone. Select Options New paired device.

The image resolution in this guide may appear different. You do not need to charge the battery for a specific length of time, and you can use the device while it is charging. Hold the device at a short distance away when you say the voice tag.

Application Manager Bluetooth connectivity. Download And Update Maps Use the Nokia Ovi Suite application to download the latest maps and voice guidance files to your compatible computer.


Page Avoid using access codes similar to the emergency numbers to prevent accidental dialling of the emergency number. More info on our test can be found here. The Nokia C scored a Good in our traditional loudspeaker test. Check the amount of data sent or received during packet data connections Select Data counter All sent data All received data. Location Information Camera To change the scene, select and a scene.

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You can also lock the memory card remotely. Depending on your settings, your friends can see your location when you are in one of the selected locations. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card.

C5-03 Youtube App

Write text The on-screen keyboards allow you to enter characters by tapping them with your fingers. Close - Closes the virtual keypad Alphanumeric keypad. To return to the home screen and leave the player playing in the background, press the end key.

C Youtube App - Microsoft Community

Certificates have a restricted lifetime. Set an image or a slideshow as the background in the home screen Select Wallpaper Image Slide show. To select the connection manually each time Video centre opens a network connection, select Always ask. As you enter text, suggestions of words to translate are displayed. You can also activate predictive text input.

Mail for Exchange can be set up only if your company has Microsoft Exchange Server. Read the complete user guide for further information. Select Add new route point and the appropriate option. Volume And Loudspeaker Control Your device To change the profile, press the power key, itunes player and select a profile. Remote Lock Your device side or back to a vertical position.

Prolong battery life Many features in your device increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery lifetime. To view the videos available in a feed, select a feed from the list. Save places and routes Save addresses, places of interest, and routes, so they can be quickly used later.

Touch screen actions Open an application or other screen element Tap the application or element once. Select Menu Maps position.

You must be online to change your visibility. Ovi Music Download, transfer, and manage music between your computer and mobile device Open Nokia Ovi Player on your computer. To browse video clips, select a category. Use both hands to keep the camera steady. Before sending your device for repair, always back up the data in your device.

Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data in your device may be deleted. Messaging indicators You have unread messages.