Civil Service Form 212

PDS CS Form 212 (Revised 2005) Personal Data Sheet

To learn more about this program visit the a program page. If a majority of those voting vote to terminate, the commission shall terminate the alternate promotional system.

Omnibus Certification and Veracity of Documents Submitted. In determining reasonableness, the gravity and complexity of the investigation must be considered.

The department head is required to prove the allegations contained in the written statement, and the department head is restricted to the written statement and charges, which may not be amended. Notwithstanding the provisions of this subsection, it shall not be a violation for either party to file written briefs or written motions in the case if copies were served on the opposing party. It is not sufficient for the department head merely to refer to the provisions of the rules alleged to have been violated. If a tie score occurs, the commission shall determine a method to break the tie. The governing body by ordinance shall prescribe the number of positions in each classification.

The examinations are open to each person who makes a proper application and meets the requirements prescribed by this chapter. If a majority of the qualified voters vote to repeal this chapter, this chapter is void in that municipality. Are you a member of any indigenous group? The classification immediately below that of department head may include a person who has a different title but has the same pay grade.

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If a majority of the votes received favor repeal of this subchapter, this subchapter is void in that municipality. The examination shall be administered by a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, as appropriate, appointed by the commission.

The department head must immediately furnish a copy of the recommendation in person to the affected fire fighter or police officer. Each appeal of an indefinite suspension to a district court shall be advanced on the district court docket and given a preference setting over all other cases. The commission has the same authority to punish for contempt as has a justice of the peace. The commission shall vote in open session.

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Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form sample. If an ill fire fighter or police officer exhausts the sick leave and can conclusively prove that the illness was incurred in the performance of duties, an extension of sick leave shall be granted. If the form is not timely filed, iphone music the grievance is waived. An appeal must be brought in the district court having jurisdiction in the municipality in which the fire or police department is located. The response must include the supervisor's evaluation and proposed solution.

The leave is with full pay for a period commensurate with the nature of the line of duty illness or injury. The examination must be based on the person's general knowledge and aptitude and must inquire into the applicant's general education and mental ability.

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Examples include Deputy Commissioner and Executive Assistant. The commission may require each applicant for a beginning position to take a mental examination. The municipality shall credit and debit the applicable military leave time account on an hourly basis regardless of the cash value of the time donated or used.

The motion to consolidate may be agreed to in writing and filed with the director. If at the election a majority of the votes are cast in favor of the repeal of the adoption of the agreement, the agreement is void.

This commission shall promulgate rules to identify and verify each applicant's eligibility for applicability of this subsection. The copy to the fire fighter or police officer shall be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last home address provided by that person. When a person has been on a reinstatement list for three years, the person shall be dropped from the list but shall be restored to the list at the request of the commission.

The commission shall base its determination exclusively on the report of the board. The credits may be bought at a rate determined by the actuary of the affected pension fund. Are you differently abled? If a majority of the votes received in the election are in favor of adoption of this chapter, the governing body shall implement this chapter. An examiner may not be affiliated with any other municipal department and is responsible only to the commission.

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Adoption of the Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212 Revised 2017)PDS CS Form (Revised ) Personal Data SheetPDS CS Form 212 (Revised 2005) Personal Data Sheet

All witnesses shall be examined under oath. This subsection does not affect the right of a person to cease employment if the person is not acting in concert with other fire fighters or police officers. If the grievance is lodged against the department head, the department head may send a representative.

The board's findings as to the person's fitness for duty shall determine the issue. Nothing in this subchapter shall require either party to meet and confer on any issue or reach an agreement.

CSC Form 212 Personal Data Sheet (Revised 2017) Download

If the commission finds that the charges are untrue or unfounded, the person shall immediately be restored to the same classification that the person held before appointment as department head. The fire fighter's or police officer's seniority rights in the new position also date to the latest day provided for the appointment by Subsection b. This subsection does not apply to the transfer of police officers. If necessary, the leave shall continue for at least one year. The requirements must be the same for all applicants.

PDS CS Form (Revised ) Personal Data Sheet

Certification of the results of an election under this subsection resolves the question concerning representation. The statement shall be placed in the person's personnel file with the efficiency report.

Non-Competitive Class When a test is not practicable, but there are specific qualifications for a job, these positions are in the Non-Competitive class. The commission shall pay an examiner from a special budget established for this purpose, and the director shall provide an examiner sufficient office space and clerical support. Any subsequent election must be held at the next general municipal election that occurs after the petition is filed.