Dating brookfield insulators, insulators national insulator association home page

Some may be answered directly by email, sims others posted on the site. The Brookfield Glass Company was officially incorporated in and again! Sometimes a particular color is given more than one name by different collectors.

He then became a partner with his brother John and they first established a glass manufacturing plant at Maujer street under the firm name of Long Island Flint Works. So, our own assumptions are creating barriers to looking at the evidence we might otherwise have in hand. Hi Casey, ask metafilter online dating This is a great example of how much confusion and misinformation we can encounter when trying to research a historical subject any subject! All of which suggests a mold that was reworked.

Glass Insulators Collectors Reference Site

  • It has the Brookfield and New York embossing on the skirt, but also some very faint lettering just above the standard lettering.
  • From what I can gleen, Huwer likely was in business with Dannenhoffer and probably knew and worked with Dorflinger.
  • It appears correctly when looking down into the glass.
  • You could utilize web search engines and search for pictures of those bottles.

This lot has the distinction of straddling all color spectrums, from early Bushwick light aqua and light green to transitional yellow-green to what appears to be Old Bridge dark aqua. This bunch appears to be fairly small, interest ideas for with a couple profiles much more common than others. Star Glass Works star on base of A.

Dating brookfield insulators
Dating brookfield insulators

The Big Unsolicited Brookfield Question

It appears the B marking was used randomly from perhaps as early as to the very end with no obvious rhyme or reason to its application. The surface is often less smooth, and the mold lines are often sharp edged. While anything coming from William Jr.

Brookfield Glass Company

They were located very near each other. Brookfield to manage the operation. Where can i find more photos of things made during that time. Starting around insulators were made with a threaded pinhole although in reality this was gradually phased in over a period of several years, even some threadless being made as late as the early s. Are there boldly embossed, pre-re-turning pieces out there?

Can't quite put my finger on anything conclusively, because facts vs. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. As stated up top, this is an overwhelming group of similars and almosts that has so far defied my attempts to neatly organize into any form. Much has been taken as fact from dialogue had with Wm. Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Albert, Depending on the location of a dump and the surrounding conditions such as next to a stream, creek or river sometimes items can be very close to, and or at the surface because of erosion. One thing I did here is change my method of timekeeping to reflect production instead of actual days or years. Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

  1. And besides that, colors may actually appear slightly different to different people.
  2. Lee Brewer, a longtime collector and researcher of Brookfield insulators, has worked on this book for well over a decade and his commitment to detail and accuracy is apparent on every page.
  3. What exactly that meant is open for debate.
  4. Brookfield didn't have dedicated presses for each insulator type.

Only a few jump the lines, and it doesn't take much thinking upon seeing this that perhaps our old dating assumptions are out of line with some fairly solid production evidence. Common items showing these attributes are the Brookfield No. What could that have been if not William Brookfield's death? Brookfield began work at Old Bridge in and began producing insulators there that same year.

Dating brookfield insulators

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Following up on the medium sized concave skirt units, this group represents the fattest of the lot. So, how long did a mold last at Brookfield? Some who are colorblind may see a color differently than someone who is not. The profile is very similar.

Please let me know if you find out any further info, as I would like to be of help. In our search for clues, this may tell us something. In this way, I will rely heavily on others to bring examples and theory to the table on items outside my narrow scope. Hello, I am curious is there any known color reference guide for Brookfield glass insulators? This over-simplification of their move is grossly inaccurate and is the primary focus of my studies here.

Most Brookfields are found in some shade of aqua blue-green or shades of green. The factory was quite close apparently, right across the street to the main Bushwick Chemical Works buildings. One should not assume this means blotting. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Evidently it is a very rarely seen item, and probably dates from the s or s.

Insulators National Insulator Association Home Page

But I would think that they would be close. You might try searching through some of these photos posted on the insulators. Many of them bear those three patent date markings. Fenton in an oval Fenton Art Glass Company. Brookfield sold small amounts of these, but on a slightly increasing scale over the years until their overall business share was hammered by Hemingray in the mid-teens.

Dating brookfield insulators

The Big Unsolicited Brookfield Question - Insulator Wiki (Wikilator)

Brookfield maintained business offices in Manhattan throughout most if its history, and those office addresses were embossed on many of the earlier insulators. More study is needed here for sure. Another angle to this would be the discovery of dated photos of the California Glass Insulator Co. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

It would be an interesting experiment. Hence the bother of distinction. There is definitely room for more study here. Most examples of this type date from the late s into the s. Are you asking if there is a book or website available with color photographs illustrating the various shades of color that can potentially be found in Brookfield insulators?

He told me brass is worked at right around degrees same as insulators. He told me their molds were made of ductile iron same as insulators. For the Hemis around this time, we have assumed a very short life for the molds though I don't know the rationale for this.

The glass color was often a lighter blue-aqua, often seen with snow in it, but runs were made that were much more green, and we are all familiar with the olive and ambers also made in this period. Sources of information for this article include N. Frankly, I buy off on this completely. Group of Bixby shoe dressing bottles. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again.

Brent Burger

Although an insulator collector might understandably assume so, just because of the markings, no insulators were actually made at those Manhattan locations. The date refers to the celebrated Cauvet patent, which basically introduced the idea of screw threading in pintype insulators. American National Can Company mark. Does anyone have any information about a cobalt blue Brookfield New York insulator. Is it possible the business used some other name other than Trupiano?

Dating brookfield insulators


Following are photographs of different pieces and groupings with my theories. According to William Brookfield Jr. Upon his arrival here he went with his brother on the Hudson boat to Albany where he found employment on the same farm where his brother was employed. Hypothetically using this point as a matter of fact as a jumping off point, a number of theories can be postulated. Did automated presses wear the molds less than manual?

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