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These leagues use a number of default settings that can't be changed. Checking your lineup daily, scouring the waiver wire for valuable additions, and making key trades to help solidify your roster are all vital components to a successful campaign. Private Leagues - Free leagues that you play with people you or the commish know. For the most part, the gameplay is the same, it's really just a matter of deciding who you want to play with and if you want to play for free or for a fee. Public Leagues - Free leagues that you play with people from all over the world.

What follows is a breakdown of how to develop a winning strategy so you can bring home the championship in your league. In Rotisserie leagues, consider staying away from centers who will drag down your free-throw percentage like Andre Drummond or DeAndre Jordan. Rotisserie - Specific real-life stats are tracked. Also, centers who rebound at a rate well-below positional expectations, like Brook Lopez, should be approached with caution.

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Points Only - Specific stats translate to a static point system. Your draft strategy can make or break your season before a single game is even played. Head-to-Head - Face off against a new manager each week for the best weekly stats. The Dreaded Turnover Stat Turnovers are still a category in many leagues. Use this guide to understand the basics and get ready for tip off!

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Manager - Everyone who plays Fantasy Basketball is a manager. After a summer filled with big names changing teams, the league, as well as the landscape of Fantasy Basketball, has undergone a major overhaul. They follow rules defined by Yahoo or a commissioner. Some team owners may have previous commitments, what are all the bases in dating while others may have things suddenly come up. The manager who has the most weekly wins takes the crown.

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There are several different types of leagues you can join or create. Go up against your entire league all season long for the most accumulated real-life stats. You can become a commish by creating your own Private League. This means they're in control of every setting and rule the league uses.

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Story Continues Take Chances As you make your way to the middle and later rounds of your draft, this is when you want to start taking some chances. The commish gets to define every setting used and can customize quite a bit. Once the season rolls around, the real fun begins. This is done to increase the chances of parity in the league. Commissioner - The commissioner aka commish is also a manager, because they'll play right alongside other managers, but they also own a Private League.

Join a league with other managers A league is simply a group of people playing and competing in the same game. Go up against your entire league all season long for the most accumulated points. As you start to get towards the middle to late rounds of your draft, then you can start worrying about filling position needs.

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