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However, these features were never implemented, as Sony was not able to resolve potential licensing issues. Users could also filter the wardrobe view to only display favourite, purchased, rewards, or recently acquired items.

The Midway was a series of three games developed by Mass Media Inc. Where the hell is the Gamer's Lounge? These events were organised by the PlayStation Home Managers. Players earned points for placing salvage on their team's salvage dump, for stealing enemy salvage, and for simply killing the enemy. In the European and North American Home, the Home management teams set up days for users to meet up and launch the featured game of the night.

There were over forty Game Spaces that were released for Home. The game involved high-speed racing, similar to the Wipeout series of games. Aurora was a game world with challenges and secrets to uncover that evolved over time with new features, characters, games, and narrative. Countries joined whichever Sony Computer Entertainment division they were under.

They could also join an existing session. These spaces generally depicted a level of the game itself and had mini-games or interactions related to the game.

New games, virtual items, and community events were added. The Illume space had an exhibition of action and adventure sports photographs from Red Bull Illume.

Users could complete objectives, earn Sodium Credits, and compete on the worldwide leader board. Sony Computer Entertainment America. Armageddon, an explosive title by the name of Gatling Gears, and free identity protection from Sony. Users could switch between text chat and voice chat from within the chat log. Users could watch the live stream from their or their friends Sunset Yacht formerly Amaterasu Yacht personal space.

By using the game launching feature, users were entered directly into the game, bypassing the normal title screen. Users could invite any other Home user even cross-region, unless space was region locked to their personal space. Users assumed the role as the newly elected mayor, in which they gathered resources and brokered strategic business deals to kick-start their town's economy. Users could also indicate the emotional status of their avatar, which was displayed below their name. Team Deathmatch was a time-limited game mode that involved killing as many enemy players as possible.

Users were given an avatar and an apartment which they could personalize with their own choice of decor and furnishings. The European and Japanese versions of Home also had chances to get these pre-order bonuses as well, but through different pre-order promotions and events. Instead of pre-ordering directly from Amazon. The clubhouses also featured a notice board where the leader or sub-leaders could post messages and announcements to other members. The game was an adventure that took place in a series of secret areas in Home that changed frequently.

Once purchased, games can be used on either platform at no additional cost. Loot's Sunset Yacht formerly Amaterasu Yacht personal space was the first personal space to allow users to set the mood of the setting e. Users could access their wardrobe from the Menu Screen at any time and location, except when in another user's personal apartment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Items were paid for with real currency using funds from the user's PlayStation Network Wallet.

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The initial basic apartment, the Harbour Studio, was free and offered users limited options for customization and personalization. Sony still most valued brand in Asia Recent survey states PlayStation creator still revered in region despite April outage. During loading screens, users were presented with help tips on how to use Home.

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The winning photograph from each of the competition's ten categories were displayed on large illuminate cubes, imitating the real-life exhibit. Users could browse and pay for items, such as virtual clothing and furniture, by accessing a shop and using its PlayStation Store interface.

Players could also discover the Guardians who guided them on their journey. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. These moderators were often invisible to other users, and typically would not type in public chat. These resources were all that were left of the old world. Some events were used to promote and advertise upcoming films.

Users were able to purchase and form clubs. There are new trailers, minigames, screenshots, and more! The space also had Plus news, accessed by reviewing a cocktail menu or watching the trailers running on an in-game video screen. Sony originally planned to allow users to play videos and music stored on their hard drives on virtual screens and stereos. Another mini-game was Aurora Defense where users defended the isles of Aurora.

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Users had to do that after the game had been launched. The first part was Sodium One. Each avatar was given a personal apartment that users could decorate with free, bought, or won items. Users were also able to change their communication settings to block or mute messages from users who were not on their friends list. In the Scavengers game mode, teams had to collect salvage packs from the depleted cityscape.

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Intellivision Productions, Inc. Upon installation, users could choose how much hard disk space they wished to reserve for Home. The Red Bull Beach space had the Red Bull Flugtag mini-game where users could compete against one another by launching one of five flying machines off of a foot high deck to try and achieve flight. These Game Spaces varied depending on the region the user was in. New items were marked accordingly.

Users were able to report inappropriate or offensive behavior of other users to moderators by accessing the PlayStation Home Safe Screen. Double Life Mountain PlayStation marketing. Room for PlayStation Portable. These were the main spaces of Home and were updated the most. Full game launching support allowed users to organize and start multi-player games with other Home users, cost and management accounting ebook who may or may not be on their friends lists.

The first events in Home required the users to either answer questions or suggest ideas on the Official PlayStation Home Forums for a chance to win a prize. Scavengers and Team Deathmatch.