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Yet it does not compare to the fun of using a real polaroid camera. This is not awesome and cool. This is really quite neat, too bad there wasn't a Linux compatible version.

Try that if you have this problem too. You first select a template from such categories as sports, movies, and cartoons, before choosing your own photos.

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Would be great to have a few Polaroid formats, but I was happy to donate to have this application working on my Mac. Huge selection of Playing Cards Photo Frames for photos.

In fact, it can also be fun and easy! To do this, use the right submenu or the editing panel to achieve it quickly and easily. If you do not like Poladroid, simply don't use it and go away.

How to Create a Funny Video in Minutes. Make funny photo s with funny frames. Funny Photo Maker is a free photo editor providing with funny photo frames, funny picture effects, funny face fun effects and collage effects. Hi Jacob, just to share with you, in case you use photoshop, google earth full version for windows 7 it is very easy to add handwriten text over your poladroid image. It seems impossible to conserve the images that I tookwith the Poladroid application!

Its worth investing in you. Then I could use the Polas for print. So go play in the street if you can't say anything nice.

Wondering if there are any plans for a Vista Version? Fun Photo on cooltoolawards. Tons of new fun for your fans, maybe? Snap a picture with the camera. The only brand still manufacturing instant film is fujifilm, and most of the film fuji makes is only compatible with fujifilm instax cameras.

Brings back the goode olde days indeed albeit with a cool digital twist. Go out and buy the real film. Download Now Download Now. FunPhotor - Press Release.

Could you please let me know what's wrong? Je choisis le minimum - encore plus vraisemblable! Just awesome to get the old, dirty look on pics made with modern cameras! That would be pretty cool.

Damn this thing right here is cooler than youtube or the damn internet for that matter! This looks fantastic, but the Mac version is broken. Hi, How can i save the picture on my computer or iphoto?

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If you like real Polaroids, then it's your choice. However, in my case, the picture is properly processed but it didn't save automatically. Si il existe un moyen de faire pression sur Apple emails?

Yeah, it's not going to exactly replicate the experience and aesthetic of a real Polaroid picture. It consists of a wide selection of frames and effects to browse and find the one that really matches your preferences. Ultra cool on Windows and Mac - any plans to port to Linux idealy debian? Or am I missing an option that prevents this from happening?

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Is it possible to send undeveloped pictures to friends, so they develop when they open it on their computer? Purchase Full Version Now.

Here you can quickly and easily decorate your photo photo frame. Or try to program a better one. This program strikes us more as an entertaining novelty than a serious photo-editing tool.

Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Bisou, je t'aime, merci, je peux avoir un enfant de toi? NilObjectException - what does this mean?

Why don't you check whether there are running processes instead of showing the annoying dialog on every quit? Plus, other essential tools like video trimmer and text tool are also available.

Kudos to the makers of Poladroid. This software tool with its simple and colorful interface offers the users vast options to create artistic compositions with the available features. Great software, thank you! Polaroid happiness prevails! Huge selection of Wooden Photo Frames for photos.

The software enables the users to choose an image file and assimilate it within any selected frame. However, the Free Funny Photo Maker tool has no options for customization.

If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? The goal is to get the most stable beta Windows version as possible. Windows version is already done. Just download and install, then you can have a totally new experience on photo editing creation.

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Please, please, read the documentation. How could you not see this coming?