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It is unknown whether Vitus will reappear elsewhere in the series. Di-Gata Stones draw upon the mystic energy that simmers below the surface of the realm, and unleash it in the form of pure power. They were responsible for building the Machine of Binding, and the Celestial Abyss, as well as sealing away the Ethos and Megalith. No one has ever traveled to the end of the Blasted Flats, but there is a legend that it was made by the ancient Bakkorians, presumably to keep something out of RaDos.

After the collapse of the Order, some Yin-tos soldiers went to work for the Ethos. Theoretically it will only function once and then the stone will be consumed.

Di-Gata Defenders

But amongst their own ranks, a wizard named Nazmul wanted to keep all the power of the realm for himself. The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Pecola.

However, many Defenders over the years were killed in the line of duty and some defected over to the Order of Infinis. They swore allegiance to Brackus both in the Wizard alliance and the Order of Infinis and were under the sub-command of General Rube. This represents the fact that all paths are connected and unchanging. Dako is composed of an orbit struck through by a broad bar.

Zombie games take place in modern day-styled game worlds. Sniper games are first-person shooter games that rely on a player's reflexes. In this bible, he planned out the prototype characters, factions, and the universe the series would take place in. They can be rather complicated to beat and oftentimes rely on strategic thinking. Famous Uphill rush series presents latest part of fantastic ride.

The sealing was meant to be a cycle, to not only keep the Megalith imprisoned but also to keep the Di-Gata vampires known as the Ethos in check. There are currently ten known Power Sigils, the ejaculation master each used to tap into a unique aspect of the realm's energy through dice -like Di-Gata Stones.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Humans soon crash landed on the planet, caused by a stowaway creature named the Wrath-norak and a virus from their dying planet. There are currently ten known power forms in RaDos called Sigils.

The Zad - A race of humanoid ant-eaters. They set out to find it only to discover that the wizards have scattered different pieces of it all over Rados.

However, they do succeed in stopping the Megalith, and crush the Order. They hired Brim, a stone-carver to create the four Pure Stones, which were the casting mediums for this spell. The high members of the Order were once allies of the Defenders and helped to defeat the Ethos. Nazmul's goal was to achieve eternal life by any means necessary and establish his own rule in RaDos.

At the time, Greg Collinson didn't plan on pitching anything for this project until a colleague of his discussed about it on a train ride. But as there is no recorded use of the sigil that can be confirmed, its power remains a mystery.

But because the power of one sigil isn't as strong as the other, multiple sigils must be used, creating Henges. The first is when Eric is seen with his welding equipment, working on a yellow-colored stone.

As a warrior, Ethos uses the two bottom horizontal lines The Zad's attack that resembles a missile. In the final battle, they used the Four Pure stones against the Megalith and sealed him within the Pure Stones using the Machine of Binding. This represents the peace within. To study Sum is to know the undying nature of the Realms energy and the rebirth of all. It has not yet been used as a booster.

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Altas is composed of a sphere with four protruding bars. Sum is composed of two spheres, one inside the other, attached by two bars. Ogaman Federation - A group that Aaron the Hunter served with. Their hideout was destroyed by the Defenders after the Yinicor was released from its prison. Nega is composed of a lightning bolt struck through by a bar.

Blake and Mortimer Nanook's Great Hunt. This sigil was first introduced by Alnar when he explained to the Defenders about the coming of the Ethos. Fight with them and be great king of your land. To study Dako is to ride the wanton breeze of change, to feel its ebb and flow. Ogama consists of an arch with two small bars and a bar struck through at the top.

Di-Gata Defenders - The protectors of Rados formed by the Wizards of Yan to protect the realm and its people from those who would use its sigil energy for evil. Tycoon games Tycoon games are one from the best types of online strategic games.

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Di-Gata Defenders Game - Play online at

In short, these stones contain great power. To study Infinis is to learn to see the continuity and connectivity of all things. It is rarely used as a booster.

When Brackus is a healer, he carries a stone around with another sigil on it. The battle arena is currently playable, but it has some bugs in it.

Di-Gata Defenders

Nostrum Vitae Unconfirmed. The Zad and some Ethos emissaries are the only beings in the series so far that use Ethos Stones. Zombie games Zombie games take place in modern day-styled game worlds. Yan-Nega class Wizards - They are wizards from the time of the Ethos. Zombie outbreaks are normally the product of scientific experiments gone wrong.