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After getting into a fracas with a bunch of st Airborne troopers near Tuy Hoa, A Company saw the last of base-camp duties. The pleasant memories vanished and once again I found myself back in the pit of hell. Let's wash our hands and daven. Everyone decided that I should be the one to keep them in the end as compensation for reading the Megillah.

The men shipped out literally in September of when they boarded a troop ship and began a rocky, day sea voyage to Vietnam.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a silence blanketed the room. The lot, so to speak, fell on me, for I had become an adept reader of holy texts over the time I had been locked into the ghetto. This is an uncommon real life story.

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It was a rough nine months. In an instant, best friends turned into jealous rivals, and any enjoyment of the bread was spoiled.

Our elation was immeasurable! Having just suffered through a bad bout of typhus and several days of high fever, I fell back on my board, and fast asleep. When people's actions are pleasing to God, their enemies are reconciled to them.

Isn't it always the fast day of Tisha B'Av? Each inmate, upon receiving his ration, measured it wordlessly with his eyes and compared it to his neighbor's portion, each convinced that the other had received more. Anyway, this is a movie worth seeing if you want to hear the real thing about Vietnam and understand the bond between real men, buy it.

McNerney to the skies for what he did for them in training and on the field of battle. They spent the next nine months humping the boonies almost non-stop in the Central Highlands near the Cambodian border. Dow and Executive Producer John A.

Having exerted all my remaining energy in my reading of the Megillah, I sat breathless, but with my spirit soaring. Our excitement grew to a feverish pitch. Finally, this battle becomes documented history. And the ever-present jealousy among ourselves seemed to turn into generosity.

Honor in the Valley of Tears Doc

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The film tells this compelling story mainly through the recollections of a good number of men from A Company, including McNerney. Summoning up all my remaining strength, I went to wash my hands and face and then to find some others to complete our minyan. Every one of the men praises Sgt.

Verified Purchase I had heard bits and pieces of this day in the valley of tears over the years from a participant, my brother. Will I ever have the merit, I wondered, to press myself once again into the crowd of Hassidim gathering around the Rebbe, to learn from him how to be a good Hassid and a God-fearing person? No one gave a thought to the dangers involved in organizing a minyan and reading the Megillah, dating interracial teen to the possibility of the Germans or a kapo deciding to drop in on our hut.

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Purim in the Valley of Tears

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Purim can't be for another month. We know him from before the war and assure you he has a good memory. Someone decided to forgo a small piece of yesterday's bread he had saved, and offered it to his comrade instead.