How to hook up car sub in house, tech support guy

Again make sure you do this at multiple frequencies to ensure output is completely clean. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Isn't there concerns about overcharge or heat?

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If yours is buried under the carpet or run nicely under your back seat because your amp is far from your sub, don't rip it out. Plug in the head unit to the inverter and turn on the head unit. Make sure you start playing the song really quietly and turn it up from there until the sub is at a nice level. Speakers This is especially true of speakers since they are passive devices.

Find one of the lines with four pin, white molex connectors and then find the last connector on the chain. This is especially true of speakers since they are passive devices. See the next step for those details. Fold out the paperclip so it's like one big arc like a narrow C shape.

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Subwoofers can be powered from a receiver keeping in mind that a higher impedance than four ohms may be needed. Now that the higher number means it's less sensitive if the knob has numbering on the outside. Check if your rating is a bit higher than your fuses on your amplifier. If you're bridging two channels, make sure they're bridged the same way. Maybe a three position toggle one, fat dating london really not sure how to word it three pole?

Here are the colours and the channels. My power supply shuts off when raising gain, what could be the problem? Once you have the paperclip in place, it thinks you've installed it in a computer and will turn on when you plug it in and flip the switch.

My amplifier gets into protection when raising gain, what could be the problem? Things You'll Need Speaker Cable. You would either need a receiver capable of driving four ohms or you would need to wire a pair of identical drivers in series to get eight ohms. Any help is good help and I'll share the project. You may even be able to run the equaliser off of it too.

Installing a car sub in my home stereo

Hook up car amp in house

Once you have your two cables connected you're ready for your next step. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. Here's where whether you're using a headunit or not comes into play, I advise everyone to do this step as a test or as a completing step. See the attached picture for an example of the correct connector. Once you have taken the time to wire everything up so that the head unit turns on and the fuse to the cigarette lighter hasn't blown then you can move on with out worry.

Can I use car subwoofer with my home system

Subwoofer connection to a two-channel system differs from the methods used in home theaters. Its always better to get as big wire as you can connect to your power input that is as short as possible and then use longer wires to your speaker. It won't be used and you don't want it shorting out so wrap it with several layers of electrical tape. Would You know how to Stop this?

Installing a car sub in my home stereo

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How to Convert a Home Subwoofer into a Car Audio Subwoofer

Hook your audio source to amplifier, play test tone and turn the volume up. This should be done while your speakers are hooked up and using few test tones. And a solar battery charge controller hooked up to a amp hour deep cycle battery. That old equipment you have laying around the house actually has a purpose. You'll want to do it exactly like it was in your car.

Now comes the tricky part, since all setups are not equal, you might get less or more power than advertised. Make sure you take precaution when wiring, and double check everything to make sure you haven't forgotten to uncross two wires that silly mistake could cost you your car. All you need to do is splice these cables or extend the cables to your speakers.

But you do need to make sure your home stereo unit can handle the lower impedance of most car speakers. Items you will need computer power supply subwoofer in box speaker wire paperclip wire stripper screwdriver electrical tape scissors. If you're not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started. So you will have to setup a v battery charger for the night and early morning hours to keep battery topped off. Replace the fuse in the fuse box with the new one that matches your inverter.

Tech Support Guy

  • For more information read this post on how to set up a subwoofer.
  • Unless you are doing something crazy just skip this step, in my opinion it isn't worth it for daily listening at normal levels.
  • If you go under it, it may not be enough to blow fuses which could lead to damage of your wires, power supply or even burn them down.
  • If you're interested in custom fabrication and car audio installation be sure to check out what we have to offer.

Personally I've never come across this but that's not to say it doesn't exist. Do not use a battery charger as these can damage your equipment. Don't get open types since they can produce a lot of hydrogen while charging which is not good considering you are going to have them in your room. If you have issues, how do you know check your manufactures website.

Well no problem, it's really simple and surprisingly inexpensive. Join our site today to ask your question. Then from there, go to the car amp?

To ensure you are not getting more power to them, use nominal impedance rating and ohms law to determine how high should voltage on output be. Now you need to attach the amp to the sub. If you however still choose car amplifier then continue reading as i will try to provide as many information about it as i can. If the head unit powers up with out the inverter reading battery overload then you are fine to continue. You will want to find a way to take the ground and run a small line no longer than two feet in length to a metal spot on the car with no paint either.

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system
Can I use car subwoofer with my home system
  1. If it is three prong than it has a ground.
  2. Wire the speaker to the head unit.
  3. Did you make this project?

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As the picture shows you need to connect your ground on your amp to the black ground cable from the connector. This step its pretty simple. Let's say it's a Watt amp. If there is a switch on the inverter you will also make sure it is in the on position.

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