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What makes a good lasting song? Seeing how, in her anticipation, she braided her hair, Bulleh Shah deeply identified with the devoted way she prepared herself for her beloved.

Sultan Bahu had categorized the knowledge through religious madrassas as a marketable commodity used to charm the rulers and mislead the people. So intense is the pain of separation! Email damanwiddaplan hotmail. Ever separated, my dreams are dreary, Looking for you, my eyes are weary.

Iss ishq di jhangi vich mor boleenda Saanu qibla te Kaaba sohna yaar diseenda Saanu ghayal kar ke phir khabar na leyaa Tere ishq nachaaya kaare thaya thaya. Supreme ishq tere ishq nachaya sufi song hope u like this sufi song.

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Leading to the grave to hell and torture, Rid your mind of dreams of disaster. My Master lives on yonder bank While I am caught in the gale of greed. Bulleh came from a religious family and his father was a highly religious person.


He gave no quarter to hypocrisy. He then came in disguise and performed in front of his old teacher, who he knew was fond of dance. His spiritual master was Shah Inayat Qadiri of Lahore and because of this Bulleh was referred to as a saint or spiritual leader.

The Mulla and Qazi show me the way, Their maze of dharma that is in sway. From Adam and Eve, me not me was born. To the ritual faith I pay no head. My learned friend, advise! Ultimately he found his murshid, in the form of Inayat Shah Qadri.

After having accomplished his scholastic learning Bulleh Shah, like his predecessors, faced the question of epistemology theory of knowledge of learning. Here are some seasonal ones that I like. Feel free to share truth with or without attribution to this site or its author, Sadiq M. All sacerd knowledge has equal access right to all of humanity. Newer Post Older Post Home.

He spent the rest of his life in disseminating the message of this Reality. Bulleh Shah lived in turbulent times when the Sikhs were rebelling against the Mughal Empire. They are the confirmed thieves of time. Bulleh shoh asaan theen wakh naheen Bin shoh theen dujjha kakh naheen Par vekhan waali akh naheen Taaheen jaan judaayaan sehndi e Mooh aayi baat na rehndi e. Sufis typically spend their lives trying to penetrate the meaning of life while searching for God.

Baba Bulleh Shah denounced the murder of an innocent Sikh and was censured by the mullas and muftis of Pandoke. Marking time in extra prayers. In this Qawwali he expresses his pure love and ecstasy for his spiritual teacher, the eminent Sufi saint, Shah Inayat Qadri.


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Ishq nachaye From my heart. Bulleh Shah must find his love, He needn't have the least fright. Says Bulleh, akon smack that full song kill your ego And throw away your pride.

Such a person is still under the sway of maya, and has not had a vision of Truth so far. What fault was there in me? Bulleh's real name was Abdullah Shah, but he was known as Bulleh to his family and that was the name he chose to use as a poet.

Ishq Sawa Status Video Download

Bulleh Shah maintained that violence was not the answer. Bulleh wrote primarily in Punjabi, but also in the locally spoken language, Siraiki, which is often considered a dialect of Punjab. An aeronautical engineer by force, an activist by mind, a wanderer by soul and lover by heart. He danced ecstatically, fearlessly, perpetually and thus treaded the path of spiritual realization and atonement. How shall I endure such torture?

The thugs with their mouths full of froth Talk about life and death Without making any sense. Muhammad Ahmed Wajid Saeed's Studio. What Makes a General Great? Again, here are a few more. Email required Address never made public.

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This happened with Mansoor Hallaj and this too happened with Bulleh Shah who met a similar torment to his soul, his inner self. Come my Love, take care of me Come my Love, take care of me, I am in great agony. They sneered at meaningless rituals and ceremonials and propagated liberation of man from the stranglehold of blind faith. He qualified himself to Tariqat.

What a spark of knowledge is kindled - I find that I am neither Hindu nor Turk. Who I am I know not who I am, I am neither a believer going to the mosque Nor given to non-believing ways. Come my love take care of me, I am in great agony.

They spread their net of saintly crime. Play Bullah on the life of Bulleh Shah. Kaaithudi Thaalam Thatti Kalyanaraman.

Bulleh Shah was no less conscious of reforming his society. Had Gobind Singh not been there, They would all be under Islamic sway. Going to Makkah is not the ultimate - Even if hundreds of prayers are offered.

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