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Typography We choosed Helvetica typeface to represent La Salle for its neutrality and great clarity. Read more The conference took place on November at La Salle University Ramon Llull and was organized by a team of researchers across the globe. They have been chosen to work harmoniously with each other and to develop the brand colors following the values of La Salle. An historical entity such as the Ramon Llul in which the most advanced careers are taught.

The presentation received positive feedback from the audience and the full article is available in the conference proceedings. Sut I Wong discussed the role of leadership in the digital age. However, the relationships between platform and crowdworkers on the one hand, and between requesters and crowdworkers on the other hand, are temporary and not fixed. Read more In traditional organizations, employers take responsibility for training and development of their employees. They are currently being revised for publication in journals or already published.

It says that individuals censor themselves i. Since communication generates transparency and transparency, trust. The paper highlights the importance of task dependencies in the knowledge sharing performance relationship in virtual teams. Christoph and Christian confirmed the theory for social media. Sut I, with a keen eye for these future developments, presented a thought-provoking talk on the future of leadership.

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Using survey data from Airbnb hosts, the presentation showed the important role of trust in this context. Business development in the area of Cognitive Computing Watson. How do team members know with whom to share information at what point in time? How can teams effectively distribute tasks among each other?

Data Protection, Social Media, and Freedom. One paper investigates how crowdworkers respond to feedback when doing creative work. The purpose of this visit was to discuss and brainstorm the ongoing research projects with Dr.

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In particular, Sut I was interested in how digital mindfulness tools may help us in the emotional regulation process. The third study look at how individuals may interpret job descriptions when it comes to flexibility in work practices.

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Expert in Unified Communications, Collaboration solutions and telecom expenses management. Much of her work look into the work related issues for digital workers. The effect of integration and differentiation on performance. The conference also created a good amount of social media attention, with the conference hashtag becoming a trending Twitter topic and generating several thousand tweets.

Read more In their article, the authors investigate the mobile dating app Tinder. The papers were well received and stirred engaging and interesting discussions. Digital Taxation and Money Laundering. The topics of the papers were from various disciplines, including leadership, team research, organizational communication and information system, managerial and organizational cognition. During the workshop, articleship stipend in bangalore dating we set up a new research project proposal and consolidated the data analyses for one of our studies.

Aldijana Bunjak, from the University of Ljubljana have just been visiting our centre in April. Read more This situation becomes even more complicated when team members are distributed across several locations.

This identity is the union of all the different elements the customer used to differentiate themselves from others. Hence, the question arises what kind of responsibility platforms and requester have towards their crowdworkers and who is the responsible party, the platform or the requester. The spiral of silence theory was developed in the context of mass media in the ies. Read more The piece looks at the positive and negative outcomes from using the Internet among different population segments in Great Britain. Together with all surrounded elements we can feel that we are breathing the same air of modernity.

The study demonstrates that individuals tend to identify organizations which offer flexibile work practices as future looking and associate positively to those organizations. How do we know when and with whom to share what type of information? Leading Internet researchers displayed their work on critical issues, with a focus on social media participation, algorithms, precarious digital labour, crowdwork, and Artificial Intelligence. We especially congratulate Dominique and her co-authors, whose paper was included in the best paper proceedings. An Opportunity to Increase Transparency.

Identity is what gives strength to it. Currently, he is the Ombudsman of the University. Cryptocurrency and the Bit Coin. The workshop was fruitful. Christoph Lutz presented his research on social robots at the New Friends Conference in Barcelona.

Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy

Matej Cerne, and his PhD student, Ms. However, due to the geographic dispersion among employees, the machine-human interaction phenomenon driven by digitization in business, creates great challenges for the role of leadership. She represents large institutional clients including multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, and local and regional government entities. The authors argue that the lack of shared mental model between the leaders and the followers may explain these relationships.