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Linux Training

We deploy the real environment, you take the scenario-based labs on us. Implementing Continuous Delivery Learn how to optimize your software development processes. Students will also gain practical insights and real world best practice for working with Ansible automation.

Your accommodation, meals, tuition, study materials and certificates are included in the fee, which explains why it's so high. By the end of this course, the student will feel comfortable in working with a large variety of networking tools and configurations to manage complex Linux networking implementations. We will build a simple Kubernetes cluster.

Following along with the lessons and learning activities in this course will provide you with the experience necessary to be able to add features to Chef and the associated tools. For advanced students, several use cases are explored and implemented using this exciting technology. If so, then this course is for you! Have you already taken any of the courses?

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After that, we will look at the steps an organization must take to successfully adopt cloud computing. However, there are also a number of paid for courses, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

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This course will provide the prospective student with the fundamentals of network segmentation. However, this course is for the people who have no idea what is Linux and how to use it.

This course is focused on DevOps activities. You'll also become familiar with many popular tools and scripting languages. Essential Container Concepts. We start with installing and configuring Ansible itself.

Are you new to Docker or need a refresher on the current version? We will discuss how to use your professional network of contacts, the importance of cover letters, how to tailor your resume and what key topics to highlight in pursuit of that position. Popular Certification Courses. We deploy the real environments, you take the scenario based labs, on us!

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Faster cloud transformation starts here

You will learn how to install an administer a Red Hat Virtualization environment and perform administrative tasks in your environment. Red Hat is one of the most prominent enterprise-oriented Linux. Some of the areas covered will include load balanced and failover clusters, as well as clustered storage and file systems. This includes security configurations, compliance controls, and setting access control levels. In addition, we will look at some post-migration steps that are necessary to ensure that your system is operating correctly after the migration has taken place.

The Linux Foundation is very well aware of it and this is why they have just launched an introductory course to Hadoop. Linux Networking and Troubleshooting. Linux Foundation Certified Engineer. Every member gets access to all of our advanced training tools and features. To accomplish this, mario land games Linux Academy's Training Architects have hand selected a set of the best Kubernetes Hands-on Labs we have to offer.

The stated aim is to give you a basic knowledge of Linux-compatible hardware, the concepts behind open source, as well as looking at how to navigate the Linux desktop and command line. Specifically, in this class, we will first start with an introduction to cloud computing. Introduction to Linux is more than just text and videos, however. Next, our focus will shift to the protocols themselves.

You will learn how to manage infrastructure using Puppet Enterprise with common best practices. If you want to build a career in DevOps, perhaps you should start here. If you already know these things and want to prepare for the certification, I recommend this Red Hat sysadmin certification course. Whichever option you choose, there's a day free trial.

This has been the most fun I've had learning about technology. Many key features of Ansible Playbooks are highlighted as we work through the course and a few new modules are introduced along the way.

Although the Cloud Essentials certification is not a strict prerequisite for this class, it is highly recommended. This is not an official Red Hat course created by or approved by Red Hat.

Everything you do in this course will be inside of a real Linux environment that is provided to you through our Hands-on Lab and Cloud Playground platform. Fill out the form below and be notified when we release new courses! In this course, you will develop the skills that you need to write effective and powerful scripts and tools using Python. For the final two sections, we will look at how a company should operate with cloud comping and the steps they need to take with basic governance.

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These include allocation of cloud resources, application provisioning, and account provisioning. We will install some of the more popular database systems that are available on Linux and see how to work with data in those systems. PowerShell Core for Linux Admins. We will also discuss preformance monitoring and metrics reporting in this section.

Red Hat offers comprehensive training courses for those interested in becoming a Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator. Elasticsearch has become a favorite technology of administrators, engineers, and developers alike. Not only will this course prepare you for the certification exam, but it will also arm you with the skills necessary for entering into the mysterious realm of pentesting. This class is vendor neutral and concentrates on concepts and operations that are inclusive of all cloud computing environments. We will look at the basic concepts of cloud computing and the major advantages and challenges of cloud computing.

Using Salt for Configuration Management and Orchestration. These video courses will help you do that. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how network routing works and how networking decisions are made. In the end, you should have a grasp of how to program. Next, we will look at cloud computing from a business perspective and the major issues that are important to an organization.