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Manjula unaware of it just laughs it out. Manjul then reveals his prank and Manjula comes out. Overview Most Popular Discover. There, where everyone are violent and conservative in nature, he changes their nature and makes them more lovable.

Anita, while still in the locked bathroom puts some Glycerine in her eyes to fake the tears and then comes out crying saying she now no longer wants to be with him. Raaga app is a great way to download and listen to your music and shows. After a conversation of arts Manjula accepts his offer and over the course of time they come close. As it stands now, it's as appetizing as a half-cooked meal!

The Queen says yes to this one as well. Are you sure to clear the playlist? The producer Nitin, who was enjoying the stories seems visibly upset after the fourth one.

Thank you for submitting your review. Nitin then hugs his wife, realizing it is better not to dig up past grudges as it will ruin their relationship. One night the king and queen are sitting in the garden. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

This goes on for two days. Chilli is a Indian drama film written and directed by Vinay Shukla. Best Male Playback Singer. Soon afterwards, the rivals come and start killing everyone. The story is now back to the present.

Mirchi (film)

The teaser got viral response across web and it has raised the expectations among the fans and movie buffs. Films directed by Koratala Siva. The lyrics are penned by Javed Akhtar.

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The girl introduces herself as Manasa Richa Gangopadhyay. Ravichandran for an important role in the remake. Then, they decide to marry Jai with Vennela because they both are in love with each other.

The boss makes sexual advances towards her and Manjula gets upset and locks herself in the bathroom telling the boss to leave. Devi Sri Prasad composed the Music for this film. Ruchi in the last scene informs Maanav that the producer has approved his story and they celebrate.

The hooker arrives dressed in a Burka. She then fabricates a story of how she was told by the astrologer that her husband has bad luck on him and he shall die within a few days. Kashi is happy that is wife is extremely faithful to him. During the marriage, the inspector tells Deva that the enmity is rekindling because Jai is taking revenge on the rivals.

His career depends on this so she must treat the boss well. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Kashi Rajpal Yadav is a craftsman in India in ancient time.


Eventually, it falls short of expectations! But Lavni completes these tasks from plucking the tooth of the king to getting rid of the king's pet cat. Deva banishes Jai and blames her death on him.

Lavni dismisses that as a fairy tale, and instigates the king to verify this for himself. He angrily reaches home and it is revealed during an argument with his wife Seema Tisca Chopra that he had been in a similar situation just like the fourth story. Asu Hotmal Boman Irani says good bye to his wife Anita Konkana Sen who is not happy that her husband has to go out of town again and again for business. Save Playlist Clear Close.

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He tells Maya that it is a great opportunity because if the king likes his work, they can become rich. Nitin likes the script but is not very sure of its box office potential. Nitin loves the story but finds it too short for a feature film. He has a beautiful wife Maya Raima Sen who loves him with passion.

But it's the post-interval portions that act as a downer and in turn, makes this Mirch not as spicy. For the village in Iran, see Mirch, Iran. Mirch itself echoes this structure, with four stories mingling with the main narrative. You have already rated this movie. The movie begins in Italy, with Jai Prabhas practicing guitar, photoscape 3 6 when a girl runs to him and asks him to save her from a gang of goons chasing her.

Manjula unaware of it welcomes the boss manjul in disguise as an old man. This story is set in medieval times in Rajput Kingdom.

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