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You're also given new choices for hitting the offensive glass. And with the addition of the Slam Dunk Contest, the replay value is huge. And the Slam Dunk Contest is ofcourse a real good addition.


Additionally, the slam-dunk mode is difficult enough with the controller. The best part is that a week before the draft, you can invite players to come in for workouts with your team, and you can actually play as them in one-on-one games against your own players. Players still stop to catch passes instead of continuing to run, so don't expect many real fast breaks off outlet passes or steals. Finally, freestyle dribbling using the right analog stick is now effective only when playing as a guard or a small forward. There's also been a revamp of the franchise mode and some tweaks made to the basic gameplay.

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New entry-pass animations have been added, so you'll see guards lobbing balls into the low block or sometimes using a bounce pass to get the ball past a defender. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can expect the usual array of features, like ranked ladders, lobbies, news, and chat, as well as a wealth of statistics for both you and your opponents. The dunk competition is more interesting. As general manager, you'll also need to manage your team's staff of scouts throughout the year.

But it's tough for us to say that the dunk mode really adds a lot of value to the franchise, and it's also likely to prove too difficult for most casual players to fully grasp anyway. Most Recent Forum Activity. That all depends on your idea of fun.

Those who do have the tenacity to learn complicated dunks will find that performing them is pretty satisfying, and thankfully a practice mode is included. Last year, executing the pro hop would push defenders back, often leading to a free dunk.

Pro basketball league spins around dishing out sole rights to one party, grants long-term licenses to five publishing all-stars. Graphics are not as i expected them to be. How did the crop of sports game cover athletes fare in the real world?

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This is doubly troublesome, because defenders seem to recover much too quickly when they're beaten, especially at higher difficulty levels. By spending dynasty points to scout, you'll be able to get more-accurate stats on each of the players, giving you the information you need for the draft. Trying to execute complicated dunks with just the keyboard is just about impossible. Since the moves are contextual depending on your position relative to the basket, there are dozens or even hundreds of possible dunks. This time around, using the pro hop on a defender will result in an offensive foul or the ball handler losing control of the ball.

Simulation in dynasty mode is slow. The biggest of these is the inability to set an overarching team strategy for games. Instead, they always pull up at the wing right around the three-point line, which is the opposite of fundamentally sound basketball. Now, instead of the computer deciding when your player tries for a tip dunk, tip-in, or rebound, you can manually try for any of these three options by pressing a different button. But if you don't check your mail every time, you'll invariably miss something important, such as a note from your medical staff that your star player has suffered serious injury.

Grading the Class of Cover Athletes How did the crop of sports game cover athletes fare in the real world? Unfortunately, there seem to be no such options for team strategy, which is a major omission.

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Find out in this special feature! In this mode, there are four buttons that each corresponds to a different type of takeoff, such as one-footed takeoffs or spin takeoffs. The slam-dunk contest is the centerpiece of All-Star Weekend. If you go up for a dunk and see a defender coming over to challenge, you can double-tap and change your shot to avoid getting blocked.

After you move toward the basket and jump, you can press one of these same buttons again in midair to execute one of a host of different tricks, such as a double clutch, a tomahawk, and so on. Combine these moves with the different optional tosses you can execute before your takeoff, and there are even more possible permutations. You can participate in tournaments, or you can just play single matches against players and wager tokens that can be used to unlock items within the game. Improved graphics, a deeper dynasty mode, and an All-Star weekend simulator that's genuinely fun to play.

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On defense, take more control over shot blocking to own the paint. During each of these two phases, you can press one or two other buttons to slightly modify the move your player is executing. In practice, this mode really isn't that exciting, as it boils down to pressing the same two buttons over and over again. The cover features Carmelo Anthony as a member of the Denver Nuggets.


Live also offers a completely revamped dynasty mode. Live offers a number of new features, such as a full implementation of All-Star Weekend, complete with the slam-dunk contest and three-point shoot-out. As you simulate a season, you can examine full box scores from the previous day's games. Freestyle Air lets you express your game on the court, maithree bawanawa and above it. San Andreas declared the year's top game.

It looks as if this formerly stagnant series has finally turned a corner. Aside from the face-lift to the dynasty mode, there have been some tweaks made to the actual gameplay. The dynasty mode has received a complete overhaul.

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