Ominous Music

Ominous Music Mood Overview

From battle preparation through to full on conflict. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Full Track - Asian, Asian.

Written and recorded while on tour, these four songs balance adrenaline and restraint. Bullets ricochet nearby as radio com calls backup. Full Track - Action, Theme Crime. Funky retro funk that starts with a cool bass riff.

Dark Ominous Movie Theme

Electronic Folk International. Variation - Drums, Taiko Drums. Redneck Rockabilly, by Dean H Anderson.

Gives an uneasy and frightening feel of nerves shredding as you have to find your way through the House of nightmares where many Cults have summoned evil spirits. Full classical orchestra, celesta, harp and choir, creating a wondrous cheeky fantasy, perfect for fairytales, dark comedy, tongue-in-cheek horror. On their first recording since Kannon, the power riff drone masters enlist Steve Albini in tearing light out of the blackness. Rock Hard, by Matthew James Bosworth. Dramatic string led track.

Rolling, thunderous timpani gets this dramatic, dark, brooding, military music started. How to Download My Track License? Is that proposition on the ballot just bad news? Full Track - Soundalikes, Dark Knight. Chamber of Drones, by Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis.

Builds to a powerful ending. Versatile track has many uses, great for drama, battles, video games, just about anything. Perfect for sneaking around or surveillance scenes. All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners.

Scary, creepy, gripping, menacing, atmospheric and hugely dramatic movie trailer. Ruminations of dark depression.

Big sounding orchestral track for war scenes, video games, movie trailers, anything that conveys action and excitement to your audience. Dramatic, intense and powerful.

Dark / Ominous

Full Track - Dramatic, Regal Orchestral. Dramatic epic score with ethnic vocals and wind melodies. Full Track - Indian, Indian Electronica.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Automatic weapons return fire enemy bombs explode nearby, helicopters above. Extreme Sepultura-esque guitars with a menacing guitar top line.

Ominous Album Highlights

Perfect for war documentaries, video games or any ominous production. Ominous and menacing yet beautiful string melody leading to the intro of solid rhythm. Ominous and dark instrumental underscore perfect for that Political Negative Attack Ad. Variation Underscore - Dangerous, Dark Music. Loop Loopable - Dramatic, game playstation 3 Ethereal Music.

In addition to epic, landscape-inspired arrangements, the sequencing of Ray's eighth album seems to have a journey and a destination in mind. Oriental flavours and layers of smooth sonic effects and pensive ethnic and electronics instruments highlight a deep discussion between two men.

Ominous Music Mood Overview

Strawberry Fields Forever. Lots of swagger and attitude, sweeping production, ultra cool, works with big city cop and undercover surveilance stories, Lethal Weapon buddy type scripts, think Quentin Tarantino. After a decade, the reinvigorated German metal sextet return with one of their best and catchiest efforts to date.

Ominous Song Highlights

Drama music on steroids, for any major production or commercial that wants to sound huge. Full Track - Dangerous, Dangerous Music. The eve of battle and preparing for war.

Dramatic and slightly dark. Orchestra, driving cinematic percussion and choir. Suspenseful retro track with flute theme and wah guitar. Powerful drums evoke a rich and forbidding atmosphere perfect for intense chase sequences, film trailers and any Arabic setting.

Ideal for use in Film Noir or alternative contemporary film dealing with psychological drama. Variation Underscore - RnB, Soul.

Stinger - Action, Moderate Orchestral. Also great in comic heist type stories such as The Blues Brothers, as well as more sophisticated crime stories like Thomas Crown Affair and Entrapment. Bed - Dangerous, Dark Music. Moody orchestra underscores the battlefield ambience. Building tension with cool guitar riffs, crazy effects and percussion.

Gives a sense of the unknown, approaching trouble, mystery, other-worldly. Very richly textured and lovely string playing, sounds like British feamle violin quartet Bond. An explosive intro sets the tense mood followed by staccato strings over an eerie sub bass punctuated with piano flourishes. Hip and slick modern dance instrumental. Third album from this raw punk act is a dizzying soundtrack for political and existential crisis.

Authentic Japanese Daiko Ensemble - This track features the abrasive and pervasive Gaku-daiko in a battle agaist the taiko. Full Track - Soundalikes, House of Cards. Full Track - Horror, Haunted Carnival. Foreboding, dramatic, sets the stage for scenes larger than life.

Dark / Ominous

Is your opponent an incumbent or has a bad track record? Very suspenseful, with several surprises. Dance flavored track from India, with typical Indian instrumentation set against a driving dance beat. There is nowhere to run and you are out of time.

Ominous Song Highlights