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Will love blossom for Edward and Bella under the watchful eye of Aro? Their plan, switch places and get their parents back together before it's too late.

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Is it too good to be true or can dreams come true? When she meets Itachi Uchiha he is nothing like the man she thought she knew. Even more surprising is the fact that he genuinely seems to like her. They were fated to love and destined to love again.

The two form a bond that is threatened by class differences and Edward's past. What happens when she starts working with the band, and begins to open up to the lead singer, Edward Masen?

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Not that he would really have it any other way. When these two meet under the most unlikely circumstances, lives will change in a way most unimaginable. Sucumbir ante el poder de la lujuria.

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When the shadows that follow her threaten to take her away from him, his dark secrets resurface to keep her in his arms. Family drama and hilarity ensues as Bella grows up and ExB happens. Bella pierde una apuesta contra Edward. Will she keep herself isolated in her worry, or will she open herself up to the people around her longing to be close to her?

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He took her away from everything, but fate took her back. She certainly didn't think she would fall for him. Intrigued, he kept striking a conversation with Bella but Bella remained silent. Era mi propio infierno, mi hermanastro. Edward is a well-known musician with a dark secret.

But what happens when Edward realises he's loved Bella all along? And if she does tell him what will happen next? You never know when you'll go from being the seducer to being the seduced. But what stands in their way? Girls were nothing but trouble, he decided quietly.

Somehow, they end up miles apart and with Alice's guidance, Bella plans to move on. Together, they uncover the mysteries of the past. Best friends their whole lives, their feelings grow and change against the backdrop of a Ferris wheel and sweet cotton candy.

Por obra del destino terminan viviendo bajo el mismo techo. Anti-marriage, bad dating record. Of dreams, wishes, and blindingly searching for what's already in front of you. He's a lonely soldier, dating ariane classic version with no family to write or receive news from. Yujuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Imagen no corresponde al drama.

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He saw that I was crying, and he quickly pulled me into his arms. Pues ya saben, este drama se va directo al comentario semanal y no me lo pierdo pero es que ni por si acaso, que ya tiene un lugar en mi agenda. She punched your face into mush and crushed your eggs, so what do you say? But what happens when two totally different people are forced together?

But being so close to them only results in her falling in love. Then at a gathering she meets the Cullen's but one in particular, Edward.

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Her Grandmother takes care of her until she decides it's time for Bella to get married. But not only does she wears glasses, is shy, short and ugly, Uchiha comes home with another woman. Specifically the music of her favorite band, Asphyxiated.

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