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The testo temperature and humidity meter comes with a wide range of optional sensors that allow you to measure, analyse and log these and a variety of other parameters with only one device. My software You have not saved any software. The draught rate is defined as the percentage of people who feel uncomfortable.

Up to two temperature probes specially for measurements on pipes can be connected to the testo to record and show the difference in temperature in a heating system. The draught rate can be generally understood as the unwanted cooling of the body due to air movement. Flexible, low-mass immersion measurement tip, ideal for measurements in small volumes such as petri dishes, or for surface measurements e. The generated diagram in the measuring instrument helps you to evaluate an indoor climate quickly and objectively. Alarm clock with snooze function.

If you received your item and you are satisfied with it. Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.

Calibration of air-conditioning cabinets as per DAkkS/DKD directive 5-7

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The humidity probe can also be used to assess thermal comfort within a room. The scope of the bedroom, theme for nokia 200 sitting room. The temperature measurements in a room air temperature and operative temperature are to be taken in the same place and same general conditions as the measurement of indoor air velocities.

Temperature and Environment Monitoring

If it is too high, the filter is contaminated and needs changing. This will guarantee your customer correct positioning of the flue and efficient flue performance on site.

Ensuring the process climate in clean rooms testo is the ideal instrument for ensuring the process climate in clean rooms. Probe for ventilation ducts with small holes. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! The air velocity in rooms directly affects thermal comfort.

We also respond to draughts in a room with thermal discomfort. This in order to keep the temperature and the fan noise in check. You need all physical factors of the Mollier diagram and the testo will calculate them for you.

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Conversion into the required humidity units e. Use it to ensure physical well-being in the workplace and prevent circulatory collapse, heat cramps and heat stroke.

The turbulence and draught levels can be referred to in the assessment of comfort. The level of turbulence indicates the air velocity fluctuation and intensity of air flow in a room.

With the integrated measurement programs extensive options are available for monitoring your nominal values. The optional tripod order no. These filters are to be inspected regularly to make sure they are still fully functional. Coupled with the yellow backlight, you'll still be able to read the display with no eye strain even in the darkest conditions. Monitor your air conditioning cabinet for precise temperature and humidity conditions with the testo measuring instrument.

Therefore, air humidifiers are often used within ventilation systems. Digital sensors and intelligent calibration concept The optional testo digital sensors provide you with highly accurate results, as there is no measurement inaccuracy from the meter. Measurement of the air and surface temperature For human beings to be comfortable and perform at their best, it is crucial that the rooms they occupy are correctly air conditioned. Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that according to calculations is a basic prerequisite to an efficient functional system.

The scaling on the telescope ensures that the immersion depth is easy to read. High and low temperature resistance. Reset the records by poke the reset socket on the back of the device. There is a direct correlation between the air temperature and turbulence level. Digital temperature probes.

Temperature Software - Free Download temperature - Top 4 Download

The new digital precision temperature probe enables high-precision temperature measurements in liquids and pastes. The result is the differential pressure.

Temperature and Environment Monitoring

Tray icon showing selected sensors temperature. Suitable lighting in the workplace provides workers with sufficient light to be able to perform their jobs well.

The surface probe order no. The testo provides smooth management and documentation of your measurement data. The non-directional comfort probe order no.

Magnetic probe, adhesive force approx. Record the maximum and minimum temperature.

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In winter, the absolute humidity in the outside air is generally not enough to uphold the requirement of a pleasant room humidity of approx. To measure the suction or blowing vents of air grilles and plate valves our volumetric flow rate funnel set is ideal order no. Fast-action surface probe with T-hinge measuring head. Perfect for baby room, guitar room, bedroom, camping tent, etc.

Temperature Software - Free Download temperature - Top 4 Download

Probe for ventilation ducts with small holes Air temperature and humidity can also be measured with the same probe as the flow velocity if required. It is easy to connect up to three humidity and Pt temperature probes at the same time. You can use the new Pt temperature probe to carry out measurements even in places that are difficult to access. The large vane anemometer with mm diameter is ideal for measuring the volumetric flows at duct outlets order no. Measurement of radiated heat Thermal radiation that is, the operative or perceived temperature in the environment can be determined with the attachment Globe thermometer order no.

Rechargeable battery, plug-in mains unit for long-term measurements and charging battery. Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature display. The integrated assisted measurement program in the testo enables the standard-compliant measurement results to be analyzed directly in the measuring instrument. Typical measuring points are in front of and behind heat exchangers and humidifiers. Flat head surface probe with telescopic handle max.

Calibration of air-conditioning cabinets as per DAkkS/DKD directive 5-7

Temperature Software - Free Download temperature - Top 4 Download