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Surya is good as the street-smart guy who has a remarkable humanity in him. He visits village in search of food. Vikram steals the show with his terrific histrionics.

First half of the film is compact. The best part of Bala is the terrific characterization and appropriate casting.

Rayudu asks Siddardha to cremate a dead body and Siddardha does it. Laila is another performer in this film who really rekindled the entertainment aspect of the film. Dialogues by Raja Sekhara Reddy are good. The rest of the film is all about how Siddardha takes revenge on Rayudu.

His character is shown as a trickster in the beginning and his humanity is projected as the second half goes by. Siddharth Vikram takes birth in a crematorium and her mother dies immediately after his birth. Siddardha who never socialized with people and never observed the customs of the village had a tough time coping up with the challenges thrown by the new environment. Laila is terrific in this film as a chirpy and bubbly girl. Robert Downey Jr became the Iron Man eleven years ago and the rest is history!

Devi Putrudu Songs In Telugu Naa

Kamala Sangeeta - a ganja seller by trade - rescues him and requests a mafia leader Rayudu Ramaraju to recruit Siddardha. Story Siddardha Vikram takes birth in a crematorium and her mother dies immediately after his birth. So you will never any downloading speed issue.

Satya gets released and then arranges a bail for Siddardha. His make-up is ghastly and it suited the characterization. One fine day, police nab Siddardha on the charges of peddling ganja from jungles to village.

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Cinematography by Balasubramanyam is excellent. The village people detest his presence and try to stone him away from the village. She is the only glamour aspect of the film. The Simran's special song would have been avoided in Telugu version as it's very ineffective.

Action sequences by Stun Siva are true to reality, believable and realistic. Muthukumar, dance has been choreographed by Brinda, editing by Suresh Ars, fights by Stunt Siva and art direction by A. Movie review - Siva Putrudu. So enjoy downloading videos from Youtube using GenYoutube and showcase, strong hold game watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. Now download videos in all formats from Youtube using GenYoutube video downloader.

Siddardha works for Rayudu in his ganja farms. It is quite amusing to see that no character police, goons and protagonist ever use any knife and pistol in this film for fight sequences. The film plot is based on Jayakanthan's Nandhavanathil Oru Andi, the story of an undertaker. Ramaraju is appropriate for the role of villain. He does not know anybody in the village and he was never been out of crematorium earlier.

Submit a link Feedback Contact. She did the role of a drug peddler with a soft corner towards Siddardha.

After the death of the undertaker, Siddardha becomes orphan. Satya then reveals the details of ganja trade of Rayudu. It is about protagonist taking revenge on a bad guy who killed his friend. All recent searches will be deleted. Her character has innocence and mischief blended in equal proportions.

Siva Putrudu Songs Download Free

Siddardha Vikram takes birth in a crematorium and her mother dies immediately after his birth. Heading Details Close Help. The climax of the film is very effective. Rayudu kills Satya in an act of retaliation.

Background score and re-recording by maestro Ilaya Raja is terrific. Satya Surya is a village smart trickster who is put in jail for his misdeeds. Screenplay is good most of the times. Trending Captain Marvel film.

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Sangeeta did a deglamorized role in this film. Siddardha is raised by the crematorium's undertaker. Satya, Siddardha and Kamala start living together along with their friends. Pace of narration is slow. Shared Great Marvel Throwback Photo.

Devi Putrudu Songs In Telugu Naa

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They way he introduced characters and established them is excellent. The fights are very effective as well.