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United States portal Film portal s portal. All of the actors in this story are appealing, but my favorite was Masterson as the tomboy whose love is totally overlooked by this guy who thinks he knows all about her.

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In other projects Wikiquote. He tries to pull his hand out of his shorts, but his digital watch gets stuck on the inside seam of his shorts. Audible Download Audio Books. Pamela Anderson as Party Guest.

The Movie Star Kim Dickens. By the movie's end, everybody has learned something about themselves. Most movies are not about people. Cathy Cavadini as Party Guest. Theatrical release poster.

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Meanwhile, Keith's best friend, tomboy Watts, realizes she has feelings for Keith. He even has a song written about her, which is performed about three times on the soundtrack.

Some Kind of Wonderful

That was what John Hughes did best. Laura Leigh Hughes as Holly. Hardy jealously plans to have Keith beaten up. John Ashton as Cliff Nelson.

In the next shot it's gone. Masterson had already been hired. Test audiences disliked that ending, however, so a new ending was shot where Andy wound up with Blane Andrew McCarthy. At this point, Pretty in Pink was released and became a big hit.

She has a lot of tricky scenes in which she has to look one way and feel another way, and she's good at them. Executive producer Michael Chinich had her come to his office to tell her the unfortunate news.

While this is one of her early films, it shows her enormous ability and potential. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

Deborah Fallender as Party Guest. Carmine Caridi as Museum Guard.

In the end, Amanda decides that she needs to learn to stand on her own, find out who she is and make real friends. She had really cool clothes and hair. Hughes decided to use the original Pretty in Pink ending, which had been dropped from the original after poor audience response at the advance screenings.

This is an excellent film. James Vallely as Carparker. When Coolidge was fired, they shut down production.

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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Still, the performances are all-around good and the ending is slightly more likeable than its predecessor's. He would rather be an artist than fit in with the crowd, and his best friend is another outsider, a tomboy Mary Stuart Masterson. Here we have all the ingredients, I suppose, for another standard John Hughes teenager film.

Deutch and Hughes would work on the Some Kind of Wonderful script late at night, and Deutch would fall asleep on the couch in their office while Hughes typed up rewrites of the script. Consider the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack as its even hipper sequel. It progresses slowly at times and it uses some fairly standard characters. The Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack offers minor-leaguers an opportunity to play for the masses, of wmv converter and each one scores a home run.

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Jane Elliot as Carol Nelson. Ken Kimmins as Detention Teacher.

Some Kind of Wonderful (film)