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Zug's best known agricultural product is Kirsch. There have been Paleolithic finds on the north bank of Lake Zug, which come from nomadic hunters and gatherers. The matter was finally settled in by arbitration, and the banner was to be kept in the town.

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The unifying element of this miniature confederation was, among others, the rural municipalities and the forty-member city council. The Aeusser Amt or Outer District consisted of the villages and towns surrounding Zug, dating website attractive which each had their own Landsgemeinden but were ruled by a single Habsburg bailiff.

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The building master of the new town wall was Hans Felder from Bavarian Swabia. In Wenceslaus gave all criminal jurisdiction to the town only.

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The town founders were probably the counts of Kyburg. Zug was given its current cantonal structure, consisting of eleven local municipalities. The invasion of the French troops marked the end of the old order, and with the Helvetic order came a radical political change.

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Its location on the edge of central Switzerland made Zug a confessional border town. These rich finds result in a quite differentiated picture of life in former times, attractively represented in the Zug Museum for Prehistory.

Canton Zug catapulted itself into being at the top of the financially strong cantons. The overall urban planning implemented in the small town of Zug was modern for its time.

The event became known as the Zug Massacre. The churches of Baar and Risch also date back to the early Middle Ages. Warring religious confederates fought at Kappel am Albis and at Gubel in Menzingen. Only gradually did Zug become sovereign and federal.

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