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For a Trader, its necessary to know the complete pros and cons of Technical Analysis. Whereas Investing is all about Wealth creation by Investing your money in Valuable stocks. One Day Beginners and interested minds can get trained with the basics of stock market and investing in this module in short time. If you can clarify your Expectations, I can guide you in a better way.

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But there is one thing you need to be aware of - Trading and Investing are different. This course enables you to gain a fresh insight into the trading in stocks and also teaches advanced method in stocks. It doesn't come from learning theories and courses.

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How is the future on Block chain? First you need to clarify your learning objectives, whether you would like to be an Investor or a Trader.

Two ways require, two different ways of thinking and analysis. Block chain enters and maintains all the Bitcoin transactions in server. The future depends on Government policies and How the Regulation takes place. These goals can be achieved through building a strong portfolio. Just like Bank maintains all the transactions in the data base.

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In case if you want to learn, then you should choose the right mentor with good experience in the markets. It is still in an Early stage. Understanding Open interest cycle and sequence of change in open interest B. Trading is all about speculation, earning short term returns from Buying and selling securities.

It's a nutshell explanation! Learn and Master these things, for sure you'll be a successful trader. How much I have to spend for that? Determining the next day movement using Implied Volatility C. Investment is not a one shot thing to do, It has to be well planned by taking into consideration of your risk profile and Expectations.

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Well first of all, Real life success in trading is all about experience. The best way to learn trading is to practice. They cover the most important points such as trading the right stocks and reading the option chain, jay date dating site etc.

Overall program is good, looking forward to enroll in their price action training. To be an Investor, its necessary to learn indepth about Fundamental analysis. Learn and put things to practice.