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The Bob-Whites put a plan into action for catching the diamond thief red-handed, and after several frightening events, the jewel thieves are brought to justice. Neither Honey nor Jim agree with the farfetched idea generated by Trixie's vivid imagination. Please pay within three days of closing auction, or an unpaid item case will automatically open for you. Notable rub soil to covers. Unfortunately, Jim disappears before the girls can tell him of their plan.

Bind taped and slightly damaged. The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire. Trixie convinces Jim and Honey to go with her to Walnut Woods during a thunderstorm in hope of discovering the thieves.

The girls investigate the nearby Frayne estate after they learn that old Mr. The Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper. The Trixie fans feel that Nancy is too perfect, while the Nancy fans prefer the exalted status of Nancy Drew. The Bob-Whites discover that Diana is troubled about her brand-new long-lost uncle, Monty, who is staying with the Lynches. Before she can stop herself, Trixie volunteers the Bob-Whites as replacements for the hired help during their stay.

Through a series of adventures, the girls help Jim find his inheritance and devise a plan to save him from going back to his stepfather. The Mystery of the Queen's Necklace. Please email me with any questions.

The Trixie Belden Series 1-13

Trixie is thrilled when she learns that the Beldens have new neighbors, including a girl her own age. The first Trixie Belden books take place in real time, with the seasons changing naturally from summer to fall, winter, spring, and summer again. Finally, Whitman agreed to publish six more Trixie Belden books for a flat fee, and later, Whitman gave Tatham a contract for the royalties. This book is in acceptable condition.

Trixie Belden

More notable fading on the spine and spine back cover edge. Most importantly, where did the Orlando family go and will they come back?

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Trixie Belden

The Mystery of the Antique Doll. Notable creasing and wrinkling to covers. Classic teenage sleuth series. Trixie blunders into several embarrassing situations as a result of her impetuousness and quickly becomes the subject of much joking.

Dan dresses in a black leather jacket and cowboy boots and brags about being a member of a gang in the city. Maypenny is attacked and circumstantial evidence again points to Dan. Trixie becomes more determined than ever when carelessness on the part of the Bob-Whites causes Uncle Andrew's sheep to be left out during a snowstorm. The Mystery of the Midnight Marauder. The characters form a close-knit group and are truly the best of friends.

The Trixie Belden Series

Honey wants a brother more than anything in the world. Trixie Belden Fan Club Newsletters. During the first half of their stay in Arizona, Trixie is miserable since she has no time for fun aside from cleaning, setting tables, and studying her math. Trixie obtains the information she needs in order to lead the police to the thieves, but the cost of the information is nearly too high. Book is used condition some cracking on binding.

Fortunately, the sheep are located and saved, but Trixie feels that she must make amends. After a nervous meeting with Honey's parents, both the Wheelers and Jim agree that Jim should be adopted by the Wheeler family. The Mystery at Maypenny's. Dan claims he never found the watch, but stubborn Trixie refuses to believe him. The Mystery on the Mississippi.

The Trixie Belden series was first published from to by the Western Publishing Company under the Whitman and Golden divisions. The Mystery of the Velvet Gown. To me, Nancy was a heroic figure and was everything that I wished I could be. Trixie is upset that her desire to help her teacher has hurt Miss Martin and vows to help Miss Martin however she can. Trixie and Nancy are two completely opposite characters, so it is not surprising that many people like Trixie better than Nancy and vice versa.

My mother loved to garden and can tomatoes, and so it was quite natural to read of Trixie helping her mother pick and can tomatoes. Trixie realizes that the trailer belongs to Diana Lynch's family, update avast antivirus 2011 which is why it looked familiar. Trixie Belden Books for Sale at Bonanza.

The Trixie Belden Series

The Mystery of the Unseen Treasure. The Mystery at Mead's Mountain. The Bob-Whites invite Di to become a member of their club and do what they can to take her mind off of her problems. The Mystery of the Emeralds. The Bob-Whites search for the treasure in between helping Peter clean up after the storm and going sailing.

Trixie belden books

Since none of the others have to study, they still have time for recreation. After writing the first six Trixie Belden books, Tatham wanted to quit, but Whitman wanted to continue the series. The series continued under the house name of Kathryn Kenny. Soon after their departure, the girls meet the poverty-stricken Darnell family, who are traveling in a red trailer that looks vaguely familiar to Trixie.

The letter gives a clue to a hidden treasure. After the Bob-Whites arrive in Arizona, they learn that they must go back home since most of Uncle Monty's hired help has vanished! Why is quiet Rosita selling her prized jewelry?

The Mystery of the Uninvited Guest. Damage to bottom spine see photos. Age discoloration to covers. As is typical, Bobby trips and falls, hurting himself. The Mystery of the Missing Heiress.

When Honey loses her watch, the girls conclude that Dan has it because of boot prints found in the snow. Whitman claimed to own the rights to the books, to which Tatham agreed but stated that she created and owned the rights to the characters in the series. As the day of the sale approaches, the Bob-Whites keep a watch for thieves, but the thieves manage to outsmart them. The Nancy Drew stories provide an outlet for any ordinary girl's fantasies. Whitman mystery series, with color pictures on hardcovers, no dust jackets.

Trixie Belden