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Ayya Velandi Vel Vel Muruga By Deepan Chakravarathy

Verification link has been sent to. When we all sing bhajan songs with sincerity and love, our faith and bakthi devotion towards God strengthens. Home My Music Settings Logout.

Ottraikkannale Yuvanshankar Raja Suriya - Vel. You are the husband to the lovely Goddess Valli - please come Muruha. We surrender to Lord Subrahmanyam, who has a charming face and who protects all with his Vel. Please come down to save your devotees. Check spam folder if you don't find it in your inbox.

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Vel The Wonder

Friend to those who love him - please come Muruha. Are you sure to Deactivate your account? Worship the charming-faced Lord Subramanyam, second son of Lord Siva.

Surrender to Lord Subramanyam who breaks the chain of samsara. Run towards me - please come Muruha. Balasubramaniyam Courtesy Raaga. Temporary - Vel The Wonder Ft.

From Palani Hills, he has come down to bless us. Odi vaa nee Odi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha aadi vaa nee aadi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha Run towards me - please come Muruha. Reset password Please enter your new password.

Facebook id already exists with an account s. Your account has been verified. Paar Pugalum Vel Muruga -. You dwell in six sacred abodes Aarupadu Veedu You are the only one who can grant me salvation Please come to me, Muruga, go launcher ex widgets on your peacock For you are everywhere.

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Ayya Velandi Vel Vel Muruga By Deepan Chakravarathy

You were the teacher guru to Saint Auvaiyar - please come Muruha. Vel Muzika Trakamelodija - Eiksho. Directed by Enkrypt Los Angeles. Track number from the album Joyride.

Near the sea shore, where the waves crash Is a temple Thiruchendur where our loving Murugan resides You have bestowed upon me peace of mind And for that I thank you millions and millions of times. Check your spam folder or get verification link again. Enter the verification code sent to your mentioned email address.

Yellow Dress - Vel The Wonder. Incarnation of the Kaliyuga the present age. Ottraikkannale Yuvanshankar Raja Suriya. For personal spiritual use only. Dance towards me - please come Muruha.

You are the nephew of God Vishnu - please come Muruha. You who is another form of Sakthi. You are the beloved son of Siva and Uma - please come Muruha. When God's Name is chanted as a song set to melodious music, it delights the heart of the singer and the listener immensely because it tugs at the heart's strings.

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Share Add to playlist Download. Vel joins forces with the brothers from Riverside The Herbalistics. Rider of the green vehicle peacock Lord Subramanium, please come and Destroy all my doubts as I call To you with love and trust. Bhajans are sacred devotional exercises in which lyrical compositions or devotional hymns on the different names of God are recited.

Choose devices to download select all. You are the Lord of the entire world - please come Muruha. You made a dumb boy talk - please come Muruha. Tagalog Christian Non Stop. Kovakkara Kiliye Yuvanshankar Raja Suriya.

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Stream the album Joyride everywhere. How water slowly flows into a ditch You too have flowed slowly into my heart Melting all my impure thoughts. Odi vaa nee Odi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha aadi vaa nee aadi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha.

Add to playlist Add to queue Share Download. Bhajans are conducted in such a manner that a lead singer chants each line and then pauses to allow the congregation to repeat the words. Are you sure you wish to delete this playlist? Deactivation link sent on your email, please check your mail.

Hiphop at its greatest form from the hands of the worst. Bhajans By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light Bhajans are sacred devotional exercises in which lyrical compositions or devotional hymns on the different names of God are recited. You have a Vel spear and you are the nephew to God Vishnu - please come Muruha I surrender to your feet, please take care of me - please come Muruha. On your lovely peacock - please come Muruha.

Victory to beautiful Muruga. Onnappola Yuvanshankar Raja Suriya - Vel. Tha Ynoe - Vel The Wonder. Moodar Koodam Natarajan Sankaran. Pedro Capo Farruko - Calma Remix.

VEl MARal MahA Manthiram by Vallimalai Sri SachithAnantha SwAmigaL

You are love and light - please come Muruha. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

There is no greater or easier means of attaining God-realization in this Kali Yuga Age present day than chanting and remembering the name of the Divine. These hymns, also termed namavalis, are composed into a pleasing and repetitive form with a distinctive beat and rhythm, so that the listener can easily learn and chant the song. We just sent you a password reset link at. Muslim Arowbe Xblue Pron Video. Onnappola Yuvanshankar Raja Suriya.