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Con ellos y para ellos seguimos creciendo. The language is not easy to learn as there are many words that sound like Spanish words but have a totally different meaning. Fuerteventura hatte einen eigenen Stand in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, wo das gesamte touristische Angebot der Insel vorgestellt wurde.

However this simple rule, in practice, can be more complex. We did a photographic sweep from North to East and South and it is the West area that is the darkest to see the stars. What are the short term plans to improve the tourism values of this municipality? Que si queremos que todo muestre su mejor aspecto, hay que ser cuidadosos con la limpieza al final de las jornadas de esparcimiento.

Currently those subventions have been reduced and more hurdles have been added for this type of installation. Es un gran complemento al turismo de sol y playa. Yes I do, but the qualification implies maintaining parameters in lighting control and ayuntamientos must be aware of it in order not to loose this qualification. The Robinson Tour congregated in the South of the Island travel agents from the Tui group who achieved the best sales figures in the Robinson chain.

Jetzt haben wir auch noch ein Sonnenteleskop angeschafft. An beiden Seiten wird es einen ein Meter breiten Sicherheitsabstand geben.

Cages also have drinking fountains and feeders that can be filled up from the exterior. Reading Brazilian literature also helped me a lot. Wir arbeiten daran und haben die Absicht, eine Genehmigung von Europa zu bekommen, obwohl wir uns in einem Z. Aber wir glauben nicht, dass unser Antrag abgelehnt wird. Souhaitez-vous ajouter quelque chose pour nos lecteurs?

As for the build of new greenhouses, it responds to the need for improvement of spaces of vegetal production where indigenous plants will live. Indicate and exit roundabout. First of all to make politicians aware that in addition to the savings it involves, it would be a shame to loose our qualification which can be a source of income for this type of tourism.

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In this instance, new generation turbines will be installed that will increase the production although there will be less wind turbines. Damals dachte noch fast keiner an die Entwicklung dieser Art von Energie. We have many Brazilian friends. Drivers must exit roundabouts from the right hand lane, because the only way to leave the roundabout is by turning right. Deshalb habe ich sogar manchmal Zeit, meinen Kollegen bei einigen Angelegenheiten zu helfen.

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We are trying to take advantage of this financing to progress in the improvements of private installations. The photos will be used to promote Fuerteventura on the German market in the family tourism, business or environmental segments for the coming year. Subventioniert das von Ihnen geleitete Amt irgendwelche der Anlagen? Some safety measures have also been added such as small walls in the most dangerous areas. Inzwischen ist er Leiter der Astronomie-Gruppe von Fuerteventura.

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The robot, that was baptised Petete, can establish a positive interaction with people suffering from Alzheimer or other dementia. Anfangs trafen wir uns in der alten Uni von Puerto del Rosario.

We have taken into account that the airport in Ciudad Real was built in a Z. As years have gone by I have slowly lost touch with my friends in Tenerife.

We keep on growing with you and for you. Zuerst war er Hobby-Astronom, dann Forscher. Building work The hiking paths recuperation plan is exclusively aimed at existing public paths. This expression also appears in the texts of many famous Canarian authors which in some ways confirms the omnipresence in the Islands of those funny characters.

The whole infrastructure will be complimented with flower boxes, street lighting, irrigation system, sitting and shaded areas, dating website paris france etc. Genau das wurde auch am Flughafen getan.

Sie haben einiges mit den Kanariern gemein. More and more people hike. Es ist vorgesehen, dass dieses Projekt bis Ende dieses Jahres abgeschlossen wird.

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When was this group created? However the production will be directly poured into the public electric network. Wir haben daraus ein Astronomie Center gemacht.

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Another important project that we are developing with the Canarian Government and the Cabildo is the Mirador de los Canarios, which we hope to complete this year. Jetzt kaufe ich auf dem Hauptmarkt ein und lerne nach und nach etwas Neues. The landscape that can be seen from this viewpoint is spectacular, with the adequate climate we can even see Gran Canaria, as well as the whole beach of Cofete and its breathtaking sunsets.

Desde el principio de la legislatura, el ecoturismo ha sido uno de nuestros primeros objetivos. Dies ist fast das Doppelte dessen, was die Entsalzungsanlage verbraucht. Es probable, si ese proyecto sigue adelante y los otros ayuntamientos se suman, bajaremos la calidad de nuestros cielos nocturnos. From the beginning of the term, ecotourism has been one of our main objectives.

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