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Niall stands from the table and goes over to Louis, shaking his hand and then licking the side of his face. Louis looks ecstatic, bouncing on his heels and pushing his way through the crowd at the bar to get drinks. But I also want you to know that for the record, I really want to kiss you too.

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After the parade, Harry buys them each an ice cream cone and they walk through Fantasy land with their pinkies brushing. The eldest of his sisters Lottie had claimed that Disney was for babies and she was too old to have fun.

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They sit squished together in Splash Mountain where Louis gets soaked and Harry only has a few patches. Niall comes home late into the evening and joins them, wagging his eyebrows at their close cuddling. Harry thinks back to when he had decided to apply for the college program. He hands one to Harry and clinks their glasses together. Harry must have felt the same by the way he gives Louis a small smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes.

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He faces Harry as Harry smiles at him, the soft lamp light making his green eyes glow. Harry feels stitches in his side from laughing so hard. Also thank you to the few people on tumblr that gave me encouragement, even when they needed it themselves.

Ed leans forward towards Louis with his arms on his knees. He refuses to let his eyes get misty. Her blonde hair is straightened and hanging around her face.

Jade is probably a very nice girl and deserves respect. Harry listens as he settles into his sheets to get comfortable.

If it was a secret we would have just hid it in our room. Flirting and falling in love over spaghetti. They were going to have me at the Polynesian. Except for your new house just has to be one thousand miles away from me.

The take the ferry boat across the lake to the entrance. Harry promptly swats his shoulder.

Sitting this close to Louis makes it hard for Harry to really consider what Ed had told them about flirting and falling in love. By the way, The Sun was wrong when they said that Louis and Briana were dating. He was mildly concerned that his sisters were dumping them all over the floor.

Just as they are getting ready to turn out the lights and go to sleep, in their own beds tonight, Louis stops Harry from turning off the lamp. Ed takes a soda out of the fridge and retreats to the armchair in the corner where his guitar is propped against the wall. He takes a steadying breath and breathes it out. Either that or the alcohol is starting to kick in.

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The silence between them stretches for a few minutes until Louis wanders into the kitchen, black t-shirt askew off of one of his shoulders and his plaid pajama pants low on his hips. He sits up in the dark room and turns on his lamp. He came upon the application by accident and then applied as a joke. Their fourth roommate Niall had come in half an hour after the first round had started and played with them up until ten minutes ago to call his mom. Harry squeels out a laugh and covers his mouth, which only makes Louis laugh harder with his mouth full of food.

Harry feels less and less in control by the minute as his heart flutters high in his chest. Liam had decided that he was going to crash on their couch instead of walking all the way to his own apartment which was on the other side of the apartment block.

He grabs Louis by the shoulder and walks him backwards as their solos come together and the chorus starts. Louis peaks his head out from under the blanket. Harry has feelings for Louis.

El and Louis leave, and the video ends. If you want, speed dating in liverpool merseyside you can watch the video on youtube right here. They finally reach their room and Louis seems to realize they are home.

Gotta go, have a nice shift! Harry looks from Ed to Louis and back to Ed like he realizes that he was giving all his attention to Louis. Harry manages to get himself and Louis from the cab up to their apartment with Ed and Liam leading the way.

Jay rolls her eyes and yells for the girls to collect their bags. His red hair is wild, sticking up in several different directions from sweat and the heat. Instead he pulls his phone out of his pocket and opens his messaging app. Perrie notices and sidles up beside him, placing her hand on his arm.

He opens the box of donuts and offers one to Louis. Or more accurately gossiping about him and Harry. Harry obliges and wraps an arm around his shoulder. Harry takes it and laughs through the next lines of the song as Louis spins him like they are dancing a waltz.

The Sun However, the fact still stands that Louis did not do anything. Because I have a feeling we are going to be at the receiving end of a lot of penis jokes.

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