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Blair is like, Jenny is my pick. There is way too much talk of kissing and crushes. People go nuts for this episode, and I don't know why. Oh, and the name she uses to conceal her identity? Anyway, this moment is touching enough in an episode of many touching moments, which brings us to the wedding of Cyrus and Eleanor.

Maybe they planned to kill him. Do they have anything in common? This is also the episode of big speeches. There is a character named Epperly. This episode is so well done.

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What started as a juicy teen drama descended so far into camp that there was no getting out, so they leaned in. Less annoying is the staged drowning to get Tripp elected. She really needs a throat lozenge or a cup of tea or maybe just some hot water with lemon and honey? Beyond that, this is kind of a convoluted mess of people finding things out without really doing anything.

Ah, more problematic consent politics. It's status without power. Ah, yes, the plot of being a cater waiter at a party your friends are attending never gets old. The episode, though, belongs to Chuck and Blair.

Which is all to say, this is the episode where Dan and Serena maybe? Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill. Gossip Girl - Serena in Paris! The bit about the two co-stars needing to continue to date in real life lest the male star become irrelevant is maybe kind of definitely what actually happened on Gossip Girl. She seems like an awful girlfriend, actually.

Were the actors dating at this time or after? Meanwhile, Vanessa and Dan are on a Rear Window -inspired date.

Sometimes things just work out the way you want them to. As if any of these characters eat carbs on a regular basis. The social team needs time to prep. Dear sweet Nate is in a pinstriped suit that clashes loudly with his pinstriped shirt.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this entire episode takes place the morning before, and then during, brunch? Because, sweetie, you sound so scratchy. And did anyone else catch Eleanor's lawyer's name? We also meet Nate's mom, who I treasure. Nate is the only person who spends the night in Nassau, and he punches Tripp in the face.

If that moment doesn't make you want to cry, then you are dead inside. Raina, team up with literally anyone else. Based on the series of books by Cecily von Ziegesar. Just a great episode start to finish.

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More importantly, ansi b16.5 this is the episode where Chuck and Blair bone. It literally takes place at a sleepover where they try on clothes.

You know you love this episode. Get your hair out of your face. Nate only has eyes for Serena now. Jenny, meanwhile, must have some secret vendetta against Vanessa because she makes her a bell-sleeved frock that is bright orange.

Weird Blair is the best Blair. Dan gets slapped twice at this wedding, so it's a good one. The blowout outside the funeral feels earned, even though it comes at the start of the episode. She throws her cell phone away. Holland, you tricky bitch.

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Eric and Jenny fight, Vanessa and her mom fight, and Serena and her mom fight. This episode is dead to me. Then she has no friends but a fashion line. She also has one of those boards covered in newspaper clips and string that only crazy people in television shows have.

It's not uncommon for series to have a minor, or even major, retooling between the pilot and subsequent episodes. But with five more episodes to go, are we really going to quibble with something like that? Why is it important for Sage to continue being in episodes? About what that means for Serena and Dan?

Did you ever think about that? Is Jessica Jones on Netflix? Blair, oh Blair, is in the pinkest pink floral satin monstrosity ever. Everyone is mad at everyone else.


We were just starting to really like you! Jenny is desperately trying to win Nate over by reminding him of her legit victimhood to, I guess, appear to his savior side. Aaron is related to Cyrus, without whom we would all be lost, and Agnes is the evil mastermind behind Party Jenny, the truest Jenny to ever Jenny. So, she is sad and listens to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

There's a lot of pressure. Jenny has a birthday party and is a dick about it. But someone was flying that plane, right? What to Stream the Weekend of Nov. The problem here is that Dan is Gossip Girl, and you know what?

Misunderstandings and fashion sabotage. And Blair's red tights and blue romper combo? Nate is merrily giving Dan advice on what to do about Vanessa, a girl whom Nate once loved.

Bart had Thorpe's wife killed in a fire. Speaking of recycled plots, Dan and Serena get stuck in an elevator, a device that comes up again and again in this series. It doesn't have to make sense. However, both serve important functions.

Bang an actress, for they are crazy. Lily tries to fix things with money, Blair and Serena with manipulation, and Chuck with lies and intel. She thought there were no movie theaters in the whole city.

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