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That proposal resulted in the Simple English Wikipedia remaining online. Wikiversity Free learning materials and activities. Proposals in October and in October lost.

Complete list of Wikipedias. Because of its open nature, vandalism and inaccuracy are problems in Wikipedia.

There have been proposals to close the Simple English Wikipedia. Commons Free media repository. It is important to respect the different types of people who are writing articles in the Simple English Wikipedia, and to be friendly with people who have trouble speaking English. Archive By email More featured articles.

Namespaces Project page Talk. Articles on scientific topics like Earth might need complex words. Archive More featured pictures. From today's featured article Scarlett Johansson born is an American actress and singer. Many people agree with it.

Wiktionary Dictionary and thesaurus. This Wikipedia is written in English. mirror)

Non-English Wikipedias can also translate from the articles here. The Simple English Wikipedia also has some articles that are also in the Wiktionary. Simple English writers are very mixed, more so than at English Wikipedia, or at other Wikipedias. If a word is not simple or not used often here, madden nfl 13 pc it should be explained on a new page. Many of the world's wealthiest people are also permanent or temporary residents.

Other people may use the Simple English Wikipedia because simple language helps them to understand unfamiliar topics or complex ideas. Wikipedia is the most popular reference site on the internet, receiving tens of millions of hits per day.

They see it as a standard idea that all users should follow. Categories, lists, and navigation templates Categories Template namespace. Wikibooks Free textbooks and manuals.

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Any time that people work together, it is important to make rules that they should agree to follow. Archive Start a new article Nominate an article. Useful for a list of pages that can help you more. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and of England.

We should also use common sense. Wikispecies Directory of species. They should also use only simple grammar and shorter sentences.

Other recent events Nominate an article. Also, it is good to always look at all versions in all languages, to get new ideas. Use the talk page when you are not sure or when you want to suggest a change. Its purpose is to create and distribute a free international encyclopedia in as many languages as possible. Most of the rules written here must be followed by everyone, and some of the rules are still being decided.

London London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and of England. Articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use fewer words and grammar that is easier to understand than the ordinary English Wikipedia. See Terms of Use for details. It is edited by volunteers in wiki fashion, meaning articles are subject to change by nearly anyone.

Writers can also use a special system, for example, Basic English. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Assume good faith Conflict of interest Do not make problems to prove something Etiquette Gaming the system Please do not bite the newcomers. Neutral point of view No original research Verifiability.

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These are rules about how editors and administrators should act. This makes Simple English articles a good way to understand difficult articles from the ordinary English Wikipedia.

Simple English - Simple English the free encyclopedia

Citing sources Disambiguation Do not create hoaxes Do not include copies of primary sources Identifying reliable sources Notability Patent nonsense. Meta-Wiki Wikimedia project coordination. It contains entries both on traditional encyclopedic topics and on almanac, gazetteer, and current events topics. Scarlett Johansson born is an American actress and singer.

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When changing this page, please check that other people agree with your changes. Anyone can write in the Simple English Wikipedia. Wikipedia TheFreeDictionary. Archive By email List of historical anniversaries. MediaWiki Wiki software development.

Martinelli then left the reserve team of Sampdoria in for Portosummaga. Article titles Biographies of living persons Deletion Image use.

Wikiquote Collection of quotations. Namespaces Main Page Talk. The Wikimedia Foundation has made rules that can never be changed. How to write Simple English articles.

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