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But it was Snow White that stole his heart. From referring smoking as a casual habit to smoking to get out of depression, the reasons are many. The phone is called as the P phone Patel phone saying that it was made keeping in mind the needs of a Gujarati family.

Watch the hilarious video which is one among the stress busters you will ever see. What do you mean, make America great again? By booyapictures and Funny Or Die. Whatever be the situation, watching a hilarious one daily in the morning acts as a painkiller to many. The king behind Machu Picchu built his legacy in stone Popular Science.

Welcome to Georgia, land of the happy fetus. This has been a long time coming.

Some of them include fabulous, colorful, spectrum, sensational, etc. This YouTube video explains in the most hilarious manner why clicking selfies and uploading them have become a verbal diarrhoea on social networking sites. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Mesmerizing photos of architecture across the globe National Geographic.

Jesse McCartney, thank you for teaching us the weirdest fact about cucumbers. In his song, he says how love and love making is connected through soul and eyes. Friends with the big butt in the club. You may have seen the recent video of a woman in a Chewbacca mask making the rounds on social media. Please enter the required information.

Everyone from politicians, celebrities, sports people, all seems to be obsessed with selfies and its popularity. These stylists should have to answer for their crimes. Resend confirmation email.

Anne Frank's letters to be published in full for first time Mental Floss. That was the longest winter of my life. Remember all those nights you spent playing Flip Cup?

This is a video which could be the most funniest justification that men usually give for smoking. The YouTube video is a compilation of cats who scurry away on seeing bath tubs, it looks as if the idea of bathing worries them. Among the many who did their best, here is a YouTube video which will set your mood straight and give you a great start.

His mom posted a video of a recent trip to Disney World, where he encountered all the usual suspects. Watch the video to find out why the world is obsessed with selfies today. Each week, a panel of comics and other celebrities analyze the latest videos that have made the rounds on the Internet, funny image maker software all over the world. This show feels forced and unfunny with gimmicks to the point that it's painful to watch. Watch the funny video which is an amazing take on smokers.

The phone created a huge buzz with everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the high priced phone. Could this be one of the last times we see Bernie? Watch the video to find out why cats do not want to be take bath.

While some caution boards are written creatively gaining a lot of attention, others are grammar blunders which will give you a great laugh. Rare clip of Queen Victoria resurfaces Mental Floss. This man is in charge of a whole country.

Recently the videos going viral through social networking sites have seen a rise with various YouTube channels coming up with amazing takes on social issues, society or the media. Although, every time a new group is released, there always seems to be some collective disappointment.

9. Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time

Then surprising everyone, Cooper gulps the entire scoop after waiting patiently for some time. Forgot Username or Password?

No one is safe from the Mother Of Dragons. It is lately that parodies on Bollywood movies starting gaining popularity. Personally, I now think all debates should end with a song. The different ways we worship StarsInsider. Why are these not all over the country.

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Brb buying my plane ticket to Niagara Falls. Kindergarten teacher lets students draw on her dress Inside Edition. Here's what you're missing out on! Watch girls having a difficult time pronouncing some of the common brand names here. Check out their performance, complete with censored lyrics classic and a banana drop.

Ever meet a guy that tries so hard to be funny that they end up laughing their asses off only to realize they are the only ones laughing? The year saw a hike in these kind of videos with great parodies, mimicry and healthy comedy. Funny videos have always been a stress buster for everyone. Home videos of people not quite at their best.